Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I know most of us wish for a different life or at least some signifcant unrealistic changes in the life that we already lead. Well thanks to those people i like to refer to as "technologists," we soon will have the option of a different life. Sure the Matrix is just some silly movie, but just how close can we get to making it a reality. Please take the time to visit our friends at wired.com and read the following article.
Most of you missed one of sport's finest moments. Who says bicycle racing can't be fun? Belokiwitted

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Let's take a look at where our tax dollars are being spent. RIGHT HERE. Heaven forbid we pay attention to things that matter. This is an atrocity. But let's not just complain, let's do something. It's time to start writing, calling, and emailing our "representatives" and letting them know how we feel. This is still a democracy right?

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

SS levels are slowly rising. Brain power at 3%. I recently found out that i am sharing a brain with another man which would explain my low output. Humans use 10% of their brain... I only use 5%. The other 5% is occupied by Ghandi himself. The newest generation (that which is generated) from [8] Consulting is as follows:
BET a.k.a. Black Entertainment Television a.k.a. Black Pride a.k.a. Guardian of the Zulu Nation. I enjoy the programming, I enjoy an injection of culture at times. Stay with me though because this is where even I get lost. Even as my SS levels are off the chart I cannot grasp the concept of white evangelical preaching on BET. You know you've seen it. Late Saturday night or on Sunday trying to catch some of those funny black comedians that you love so much. To your dismay you are splattered with white preachers yelling about condemnation. Someone please explain this to me... this Hyper Whiteness plaguing BET's ebony airwaves... it just seems so wrong. Affirmative action for the white man??? I should hope not.