Friday, December 16, 2005

merry christmas

No, not happy holidays... MERRY CHRISTMAS! This winter (which according to the calendar does not start for another 4 days, but I think everyone can agree that snow=winter, unless of course you live in utah, in which case it can snow in any season... not sure all of this should have gone in parenthesis but I am sure you will get over it) has brought cold and hibernation like any other. Natural instincts to grow more hair and eat more to stay warm have slowly overtaken my daily activities. There has to be a way to exercise during the winter. Any ideas? Let me know because heaven knows I cannot gain all the weight back that I have been working so hard to lose. Speaking of Christmas, there are some great posts on the holiday on this blog that I have been reading lately. Looking at Christmas, it's traditions, and it's media spawn from a different perspective.