Friday, June 29, 2007

the damage is done so i guess i'll be leaving

Facu is gone. Good luck in Colorado. The 24 hour period of mourning commences now.

Erpen gone? A Sad Day for the Edgell Supporters

First it was Matias Donnet leaving us after last season and now Goff says we may send Erpen to the Rapids. I just can't seem to keep a favorite player around. I love Erpen. We all love Erpen. His mistakes, his bicycle kicks, his beautiful tackles and his goals from distance will all be missed. But for real... Erpen for Vanney? I don't see how this benefits the back line at all. We drop a promising young defender for some old guy? I hope the front office has something else in the works that makes more sense. I don't like this at all.


We still want you as our Valentine. Please don't leave us. We will start a team for you to play on. We probably won't be able to pay you very much money but we have a lot of love. If you have to go, don't go to the Rapids. Of all the places in the world only New England could be worse (I know I should say New York, more on that later).

With all of our love,

The Edgell Supporters

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Match 2.12 The Result: DCU v Colorado Rapids 6-28-07

Thursday night soccer is not going to be my friend through the next few months. I obviously had my priorities skewed when I signed up for a nonprofit and municipal accounting course on Thursday nights. Tonight was an especially bad night because of DVR space limitations. We had the DC game from 7-9, US game from 9-11 and then So You Think You Can Dance from 9-10 (I know, I know). It could have worked out perfectly except for the weather. SYTYCD took priority once the rain delay started. Luckily I got out of class early so I could convince my wife to switch to the game between commercials. Enough with the DVR household politics, we got the full three points.


The field looked awful tonight. We can't get our own stadium soon enough, I guess I will settle for getting the Nats out of RFK.

DC United got off to a slow yet not terrible start. In the first part of the game the back line was trying to send too many balls up the field and not building the attack through the midfield. We eventually warmed up to playing our game of control. Christian's PK solidified our existence and gave us the confidence to play for the win. At the 60th we really hit our stride. We were consistently dangerous from that point on. Goals from Addlery (off a corner), Fred (not sure how), and Emilio (great finish from a Gomez assist) secured the win in impressive fashion.

We definitely need more time working the reserves into the lineup. We beat a mediocre team. That is a heck of a lot better than losing to a really bad team. Good work boys.

A few notes on individual players:
Simms sent a lot of balls into the wrong direction or to the wrong team, although none particularly dangerous. I'll give him a pass on his "clearing the ball means blasting it as hard as possible" philosophy because he is building our depth at the back. Erpen's gaff was his "pedestrian" (according to Wynalda) moment as he played audience to Peterson's header. Perkins looked quite acrobatic in goal even on the one that went in. He had an outstanding game. Moose is a scrapper and a hustler, which equalized his giveaways. And how about that creative little chip to Emilio. Due to the rain delay and DVR complications I did not get to see Fred's goal but I am so happy that he got his first. Now he can get the second, third, fourth, etc.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.12

1. Simms, Moose, and Addlery were enough. I'm not prepared to call them sparks yet, but they were enough tonight.
2. The Rapids continue their struggle.
3. Gomez did alright. I particularly liked his effort coming back on defense.
4. If Erpen doesn't score from distance, nobody scores from distance... we just allow headers.

Quote of the game: "That's for me to know and for you to find out." -Tommy Smyth

Match 2.12 The Setup: DCU v Colorado Rapids 6-28-07

I don't like the Rapids. They come second only to the Revolution on my list of most disliked MLS clubs. I don't like Hercules Gomez, Beckerman, whatever their keeper's name is, Mastroeni, and I especially don't like Clavijo. They just look dirty to me. That might just be Mastroeni's presence but it might have something to do with Clavijo's hair as well. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure he sports the skullet (what is a skullet? answer here). Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I'll make this quick because it's late. Colorado is missing some of our favorites (Beckerman and Gomez) that have been called away on Copa America duty. DC United is also missing a few (Moreno, Olsen, and Boswell) and could possibly miss Namoff to injury. Since beating us in the season opener the Rapids have been spotty at best and come to RFK on a 4 game losing streak. Excluding last week's performance against RSL, DC has found their form and have shown that they are one of the best in this league. We will have to rely on our reserves against Colorado so this game will be a good measure of how we will perform down the stretch when our boys are tired, caution ridden, and injured.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.12

1. We find a spark with one of the reserves that steps in for our boys on Copa America duty.
2. We don't allow another struggling team to make their comeback at our expense.
3. Gomito is having another quarrel with his lover apparently. When Christian isn't happy, nobody is happy. Here's hoping for at least a love note from whoever keeps breaking his heart. And a note from the Edgell Supporters to the heart breaker, Christian is a great guy, he's pretty hot, and I'm sure he cooks a delicious asado, give him another chance.
4. Erpen scores from distance.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DC United Open Cup Draw

According to the US Open Cup website the Harrisburg City Islanders have defeated the Ocean City Barons 2-1 in the second round of the US Open Cup. This means that in the third round DC United faces the Harrisburg City Islanders on July 11 at Hempfield High School in Landisville, Pa. Is the midweek 3 hour drive worth it? Anybody else going?

Match 2.11 DCU v RSL - Recap by RSL Ben

I asked RSL Ben for his take on the game and he sent me the following. I'm not sure why I am putting myself through this but maybe if we keep it close in our minds it won't be repeated. He also sent pictures of which I will post a few in the near future.

Ben Cup Leg 1: RSL v. DCU 6/23/07
Hmmm...I'm not really sure how to do this. I was beginning to think I wouldn't have to do it all year... How do I write up an RSL win??? I'll try anyway.

First half: Expectations and morale seemed pretty low throughout the stadium as the game kicked off. As the game started and RSL missed a wide open goal off a corner I had a feeling of here we go again. I even sent a text message to DC Ben saying it was a "bad omen". But then, something amazing happened. Real Salt Lake remembered for the first time this year that they are, in fact, a professional soccer team! And, by extension, started playing like one. They really outplayed DC in every facet of the game and looked hungry to win for once. DC, on the other hand, looked like RSL usually does: disinterested and bored. The culmination came with a nice breakaway goal by new guy Robbie Findley late in the first half. Oddly, this came soon after I had said how bad he was playing (and he had been-lots of turnovers, little hustle). I believe I inspired him. Probably the best half of soccer RSL has turned in all year, and with some better finishing (and some correct officiating-how does Esky NOT earn a PK late in the half), RSL really SHOULD have been up 2 or 3 by halftime. Either way, half time score: RSL 1, DC 0
Half grade: A- (higher with better finishing)

Second half: I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know, the one that comes during every RSL game where they fall asleep mentally and blow the game. But then, there it was, another Findley breakaway goal. Amazing! The only thing he's missing is Jeff's sweet sweet goal celebrations. No one can be self absorbed like Mr. Cunningham. After the goal, RSL did a pretty good job controlling possession and keeping DC out of it until late. Then they seemed to lose a little focus. DC scored a goal on an absolutely braindead play by RSL's backline. Kipre had about an hour to clear it, but decided to just bounce it around for a while. Rimando probably could have gotten to it earlier but didn't. Next time in that situation, Nicky needs to punch Kipre in the face and take the ball from him. It's called taking one for the team, Jean. hahaha Soon after, Medhi "Nah, I don't want to win" Ballouchy continued his awful game (those who say otherwise, go back and watch it again, he sucked as usual this year) by sending a wonderful header into the box...for DC! Sadly, this is probably the best "attacking" pass he's made all year and it was to the other team. If only he'd set our team up like that! Luckily, DC absolutely choked on the opportunity (I think the ball is scheduled to land sometime next Thursday) and RSL faked injury all the way to a 2-1 victory. Actually, the ref got RSL back most of the way for the time wasting with a 5 minute stoppage time session that seemed to last about 2 hours. EVERYONE in the stadium was expecting RSL to blow it (see RSL v. Dallas any time this year for prime examples). The joy that overcame the stadium was amazing when the final whistle blew. "Did someone just win the world cup?" "Nah, RSL just won a game." The place went nuts, that s**t was bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Good times, good times. RSL now just needs a tie to clinch the 2nd Ben Cup in Sept., or as I put it to DC Ben after the game "Oh snap. That is all."
Half grade: B

-Findley, where have you been all my life?
-The team looked interested and played with passion
-Talley over Adu was an upgrade of epic proportions. Have fun in Europe Freddy, don't let the door hit you on the way out (or do, actually, all your crap about leaving while you don't do crap for us has gotten mighty old).
-Solid performance almost all the way around.
-Atiba Harris back at his natural D-mid spot is nice.-Eddie Pope, rock solid again. We will miss him next year...
-WE WON!!!
-Ben Cup 2007: RSL 1-0-0, DC 0-1-0, mwahahahaha!

-Esky didn't get a goal. You could tell he really REALLY wanted one.
-Ben Olsen was a chump. Lots of shoving and smacking RSL players behind the play. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought Mastroeni came in and played for him. It was nice to see him booed every time he touched the ball for the last 30 min. though.
-Kipre's idiocy that led to the goal-otherwise he played solid.
-Medhi Ballouchy. Or as he is becoming, Adu Jr. Wants to be the team's playmaker (and sadly, is given that role) but can't do it. Decision making was poor at best (what was that late back header about?), passing was off, and he still can't hit a cross or a corner at all. Why he is still taking them is beyond me.
-DC fans blaming it on Nolly. He was hung out to dry on both goals. Not his fault.

Game grade: A-

Other things we learned:
-RSL seems to play its best against DC. Don't know why, guess it's the Ben Cup.
-Ballouchy is "cute." Or at least my wife thinks so.
-The Ben Cup is only getting started...just picture it in 5 years. Oh yes.

Player grades:
Nick Rimando, 7-didn't have a lot to do honestly
Jean-Martial Kipre, 5-played well, but huge mistake cost him
Eddie Pope, 8-held together the back line and killed DC
Jack Stewart, 6-quiet game, which for him is good-when he's loud its because of mistakes
Ritchie Kotschau, 6-meh, was he on the pitch?
Carey Talley, 7-played pretty well in Chris Klein's old spot
Atiba Harris, 7-the move to d-mid has done him a world of good
Andy Williams, 6-active but sloppy
Mehdi Ballouchy, 5-had a few moments (and got his nose into things-see number of times he went down), but his sloppiness/weaknesses continue to hurt
Robbie Findley, 9-Two goals make up for any early miscues. Just wow. Great debut!
Alecko Eskandarian, 8-Active, hustling, urgent, hungry. Normal Esky game.
(Daniel Torres 46) 6-played quietly but decently
(Jamie Watson 73) 7-didn't do a lot but was all over the field. Like a little Esky.
(Kyle Brown 84) Inc.-didn't have time to do anything

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Match 2.11 The Result: DCU v RSL 6-23-07 First Leg of the Ben Cup


All streaks must come to an end. Whether it be the RSL winless streak or the DCU unbeaten streak, they cannot go on forever. But did it have to happen like this?

There are only two explanations for this loss. One is that the pressure of the Ben Cup got to the team and they could not perform. The other is that somebody forgot to tell the team that this is the Ben Cup and this game does matter. We went in against the worst team in the MLS and got beaten soundly. We were not interested in playing.

Nolly didn't get help from the defense and the defense didn't get help from him. Gomez was invisible. The offense was not clicking in the final third and the defense was not clicking in their own third. We had some flashes of proper form in the middle third but never generated any chances. We didn't look dangerous and that is our biggest failing. When we don't look dangerous we lose. I really really hate to say this, but we lacked passion, intensity, any sort of positive motivation.

This is the Ben Cup guys! Luckily you have a second leg to make this better.

We are about to enter a stretch of games that will be much more difficult than this game (Colorado, KC, Houston, and Dallas). Our roster will be reduced by the U20 World Cup and Copa America. We are going to have to find depth and spark in new places.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.11

1. We are down one in the Ben Cup. We will have to perform much better in the return leg.
2. Kpene didn't start which I think is a mistake, however, this week he was NOT the replacement for Moreno.
3. RSL Ben got good seats and a great win for his birthday.
4. Erpen forgot to shave.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rice-Eccles Stadium (The Ping Pong Table)

I asked RSL Ben to send me any pictures he had of the field at RES and he sent me this (RES in the background, Tori in foreground):

When I asked him why I couldn't see the American football lines that are so obviously clear on television, he was kind enough to send me this:

He also included the following explanation:

There's 2 reasons that you can't see them:
1) the resolution on the pic is not very good-it was taken on my old cellphone.
2) you just didn't look close enough, you can still see some-look again [above].

Thanks again RSL Ben!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Match 2.11 The Setup: DCU v RSL 6-23-07 First Leg of the Ben Cup

A rivalry is usually determined by geographic proximity or at least division/conference proximity. The Ben Cup rivalry spawns from something much more basic and barbaric, man's competitive spirit. The friendship between two men (some may call them boys) will never be the same.

I met RSL Ben about 6 years ago when we became roommates at Southern Utah University (GO T-BIRDS!). Oddly enough we lived with another Ben, making 3 total living in the same house, and a Joe and a Mike. There might have been a time where we tried to give nicknames to differentiate between the Bens but not until the Ben Cup could we attach DCU and RSL to our names and know for sure who was who. While we lived together we both liked soccer, but had not yet let the MLS into our hearts. We parted ways after one semester but we always kept in touch. Luckily I married a girl from Utah so I could visit him her family often.

Last year when I found DC United (introduced to me by El Goleador, second picture down), I naturally wanted to introduce my new friend to RSL Ben. Little did I know that he had also found a new love in RSL. Let's just say that our new love interests did not get along. After the penalty kick fiasco, RSL Ben started to talk trash about how they wouldn't need the referee to win at RFK. I was sure that we would get a result at home without a problem so I countered his trash with a little of my own. We text messaged each other through (what would become the second leg) the second match and the Ben Cup was born. Unfortunately all DC could put together was a Freddy free kick and I had to concede the first Ben Cup on aggregate.

On to a new year and a new cup. DC United has the opportunity to go up big in the first leg of Ben Cup 2007. The Black and Red come into Rice-Eccles Stadium riding their 7 game unbeaten streak and looking to extend it to 8 before Copa America wreaks havoc on the roster. This is a game we should win which always worries me. RSL is the worst team in the league. There is no getting around that fact. Unfortunately they were also one of the worst last year and still beat us.

Due to the Ben Cup I tend to watch as many RSL games as possible to size up the competition. I also pull for them in most other games, especially now that Esky is there. The defensive breakdowns and lack of midfield control are extremely frustrating. However, last week against FC Dallas I felt as if the turf itself was keeping them from winning. They put together some decent attacks but the ball was untrappable, especially for Adu. RSL will be out Adu (U-20 World Cup) and Chris Brown (their recent goal maker, injured) and I'm guessing Klein as well (traded to LAG). It will be interesting to see if the newly acquired Sturgis and Findley will have any affect on Saturday's game. They can't possibly be a negative for them.

Usually I don't do predictions but as my co-founder made the request I will take a shot at it.

DC 3 RSL 1
DC goals by Gomito, Fred, and Erpen, from distance of course
RSL goal by Esky who will love to score another against us

Thanks to D and JCM for Ben Cup shout outs.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.11

1. We give ourselves a nice lead in the Ben Cup race; at least 2 or 3 goals. By the way, away goals mean nothing. Except maybe scoring on that ping pong table in Salt Lake should count double for both teams.
2. Kpene (hopefully healed) shows us he can start in place of Moreno for the long haul; we need a third striker that can get the job done.
3. RSL Ben gets good seats to see the game on his birthday.
4. Erpen scores from distance.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

RSL Ben Interview (The Ben Cup Leg 1)

The Edgell Supporters are proud to present their first interview. RSL Ben was kind enough to take time out of his busy day to answer our questions, even after waking up at 4am for work.

DCU Ben: Let me start with the obvious, as co founder of the Ben Cup, Why? Where? Who? How? What?

RSL Ben: The Ben Cup is a (soon to be) premier rivalry in the MLS between Real Salt Lake and DC United. It was started as a result of a rivalry between two friends named Ben, one who roots for RSL and the other for DCU (obviously).The title is decided by the results of competitive (non-preseason) matches between the teams. RSL won the inaugural Ben Cup in 2006.

DCU Ben: What does it mean to have the Ben Cup as the first trophy in the RSL case?

RSL Ben: It means a lot, considering the complete ineptitude this team seems to display on a weekly basis. I find it amusing personally that the one title RSL has won is against MLS's most prestigious team.

DCU Ben: What does the trophy look like?

RSL Ben: The final trophy design is still being debated and thought out so right now the Ben Cup winner is solely a title provided in name only. This will hopefully be rectified soon.

DCU Ben: Where is it living now?

RSL Ben: In the hearts and minds of millions...and if it existed, in Utah mwahahaha

DCU Ben: When you have to send it to me after the second leg, who will pay for shipping?

RSL Ben: *cough* what? I missed that question ;)

DCU Ben: I know the second leg is not until September 12, but shouldn't I just pick up the cup when I'm in Utah in August?

RSL Ben: You can feel free to, us Utahns are a friendly people, we'd be glad to let you look at it for fun until 9/12 when you will obviously have to give it back to the rightful owners.

DCU Ben: Do you think that having 3 members of the losing Ben Cup squad from last year (Adu, Rimando, Eskandarian) will help or hurt your chances this year?

RSL Ben:
Help: Rimando & Esky
Hurt: Adu-he's just been painful to watch this year

DCU Ben: I noticed that "MLS" joined the Ben Cup group on Myspace, does this mean the MLS might officially recognize the Ben Cup?

RSL Ben: If they are smart they will. They don't want to miss the boat on this one!

DCU Ben: How can we notify the participating organizations of their involvement in the Ben Cup?

RSL Ben: Once we get the trophy and such finalized I hope to notify the RSL supporters groups as well as shoot off an email to the front office (if they have bothered to hire anyone yet) to let them know.

DCU Ben: What is your prediction for the first leg? Any more Free Tibet chanting (thanks kali)?

RSL Ben: Well, I'm just hoping that RSL can get their first (and the way they are playing currently, only) win of the season on the 23rd. It'd be a solid b-day present for me. I'm thinking DCU will be overlooking RSL in this one, that bodes well for the boys in red. No Tibet chanting this time, the Peoples Republic of Rice Eccles will see to that.

DCU Ben: Where do you see the Ben Cup going in the future? Corporate sponsorships?

RSL Ben: You never know. Maybe if DCU chooses to make it competitive (mwahaha) it will catch on a bit quicker...

DCU Ben: When do we start flying back and forth for every leg? Losing team from previous year pays?

RSL Ben: When I have a job that actually pays me enough to live on plus enough for plane tix.

DCU Ben: Additional comments?

RSL Ben: Don't worry too much, United fans, about clearing a spot for the Cup. We'll keep it safe here for at least another year. (But in seriousness, I'm rooting for ya in non-Ben Cup games).

DCU Ben: Thanks for your participation in this interview. In all seriousness we wish RSL the best of luck and hope they do start winning, just not this week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Ben Cup

Stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with RSL Ben, co-founder of the Ben Cup.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Match 2.10 The Result: DCU v Chicago Fire 6-16-07

DCU 3 Chicago Fire 1

The ballet recital was excellent (because I know you all care). I can't even find any highlights of the game online so I have no firsthand account to report. Has anyone found video highlights online yet? Luckily the Internets provide updates on mobile devices these days so we did get mlsnet's match tracker coverage. I think I read that Erpen had a shot. Taking a shot is the difficult step, the easy part is putting it into the net. Just a few more shots and all our dreams will come true.

Dyachenko got the start up top and from what I hear was gifted his first MLS goal, congratulations Rod! McTavish took Boswell's spot (did he play in the center or on the outside?) and was at least decent. The result was expected. I'm content with the offensive effort. I'm still a little concerned with our propensity for giving up the after-goal goal. That will be the hope and dream of next week. By the way, everybody hates you HDNet, just sayin.

For full reports see here, here, here, and here.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.10

1. We pulled up our pants and kicked Chicago while they were down.
2. McTavish gave the back line a little more hope for depth although it was against the utterly underwhelming Chicago attack.
3. Goal dust was spread but didn't quite get to Fred.
4. Goal dust lightly touched Erpen and he had a shot, although I have no idea where or how.

Now that all of this is out of the way, this week is a big week for the Edgell Supporters, it is Ben Cup week. The first leg is coming up on Saturday and we hope to have full coverage, so stay tuned.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Match 2.10 The Setup: DCU v Chicago Fire 6-16-07

I need to come clean before I get into the setup. I won't be at the game. I will be at a ballet recital for my 4 year old niece. To make matters worse, this is one of those exclusive HDNet games. This situation brings a three-fold challenge to the supporters, we will have to find someone that (a) has HD (b) has HDNet and (c) has a DVR, and I guess (d) will allow us to utilize all of the above. If all of the conditions cannot be met, the results post will be brief.

It has almost been a year since DC United has beaten Chicago even though we played them 5 times last year (including the Open Cup). On aggregate we lost 8 to 4 last year. Last year I felt like they owned us and it was a dirty feeling. Because I am a newbie I did some research all the way back to the ancient time of 2005 BEE (before edgell era) to see if they have always owned us. In 2005 we fared about even until the playoffs when they blanked us 4-nil in the second leg of the conference semifinals. Nauseating. Now I wish I would not have done that research.

Chicago is currently struggling, to put it mildly. They have lost five of their last seven with their win and tie coming against Columbus and RSL (the bottoms of their respective tables). DC is arguably coming off their best win in the last year and still riding their unbeaten streak. Moreno is on Bolivian duty and Boswell is on red card duty.

Who replaces Moreno? or rather who starts in his position? (there is no replacement quite yet)

Is Kpene healthy enough to start? or do we see Addlery up top? Maybe we see Dyachenko return to his striker position of last year.

How does the defense line up without Boswell?

Do we return to the Simms experiment? Not if Namoff plays on the left we don't. Does McTavish get another shot at playing with the back line and we see Erpen and Namoff in the middle?

There are a couple lineup questions but the real question is, can we get Chicago off our back? Can we come out to play through the rough fouls (yes CJ I'm talking about you) and the questionable calls?

I say yes. I say, this year is the year we will pull our pants back up, turn around and let Chicago know who is in charge. I also say good luck Chicago, because while you are busy clogging the middle and manhandling Christian Gomez, Benny the Goal Machine and Fred the Fire Starter will be flying like pixies on the wings, sprinkling goal dust on the rest of the United squad. See if you can stop a couple of manly flying pixies! Doubtful.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.10

1. We kick Chicago while they are down and don't look back.
2. We show defensive depth and Boswell's replacement holds strong in the back.
3. Goal dust touches Fred and he scores his first.
4. Goal dust touches Erpen and he scores from distance.

P.S. Bobby, while you are sitting out your tarjeta roja, you might want to hit up your girl Nelly and ask her what's up with this.
P.P.S. An HDNet location has been secured with all the requisites.
P.P.P.S. hasn't (sadly, dirty d)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Abuelito gets the call up and the Moreno Equation

Jaime Moreno has been called up for more Bolivian National Team duty. As much as I have complained about him in the last month, I am going to miss him. Last week he really showed us that he can trade in that wheelchair for a cane and go to work. It seems as though the first call up for the friendly with Ireland is what got him going so maybe this will further increase his brilliance. I have come up with a formula for Moreno's level of play in relation to international appearances in this campaign. Enjoy the mathematical display.

A= Jaime "Abuelito" Moreno - Default Value of 10 (the highest value a player being input into the Moreno Equation can achieve)
n= Number of international appearances - Each appearance value of 1 (friendlies 0.5)
x= Level of play

A * n = x

Previous to Ireland Friendly 10 * 0 = 0

That is a bit harsh, let's add another variable, penalty kicks. p= Penalty kicks

New Moreno equation (A * n )+ p= x

(10 * 0) + 3 = 3

That's about right. Now let's apply the equation to Jaime after the friendly in the LA Galaxy and RBNY games.

(10 * 1 ) + 3 = 13

Considering what we have learned thus far we can now project how Jaime's call up for the Copa America will affect his MLS performance. We can guarantee at least 3 games in group play and let's say, worst case scenario, he only plays in 2.

(10 * 3) + 3 = 33

Best case scenario, Bolivia wins it all and Moreno plays in all the games.

(10 * 7) + 3 = 73

I haven't exactly decided what the level of play scale is, but if a 13 gets him playing like he did against RBNY, 33 or 73 would blow our minds. Vamos Bolivia!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Match 2.9 The Result: DCU v Red Bull New York 6-10-07 or the Atlantic Cup Leg 1


My MFLS sacrifices have paid off (let it be known that I got rid of JP Angel and acquired Ben Olsen last Wednesday) and the soccer gods have answered my prayers. The previously impotent DC United offense made the New York defense conceive their babies today, which by my count makes Ben Olsen the proud father of triplets. Congratulations!!! My concerns about the strength of the New York defense were unfounded (must just be Chicago's low sperm count). DC United came out in form, playing strong on the wings and taking the danger out of the RBNY attack.

The most notable statistic of the game is that every one of the four goals were double assisted. That's teamwork. That's an organized attack. Except for the after goal breakdowns the defense looked strong even after losing Boswell to the double yellow. We beat the best team in the MLS and we made it look easy.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.9

1. Count em' up! That's 1, 2, 3 points
2. It wasn't necessarily stupid mistakes that gave up the goals, it was more the after goal mental lapses. Who can blame the entire team from going into paralysis after Ben Olsen scores a freaking hat trick?!
3. Luci got his much needed goal and looked dangerous on several occasions, beware future opponents.
4. Erpen did not score from distance, but he definitely played a major role in keeping JP Angel in check.

Dear Facu,

Great job out there today. Keep at it and the 30 yard bomb will come. You are still our favorite.


The Edgell Supporters

P.S. MLSnet credits you with a double/second assist or whatever you call that statistic. Way to go!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Un-supported List, Part 1

As the designated "angry" supporter I have been asked to compile a list of our most disliked players. The more teams that United plays the more players will inevitably be added to the list but for now, here are the ol' faithfuls and a few reasons why.
Disclaimer: At this point, how good of a player you are matters far less than anything else (unless you score on us, at which point you're, assumed to be good, and almost gauranteed a spot).

Hercules Gomez- its hard to really know why you wish harm to someone when you get nauseous at the mention of his name

Landon Donovan- he's a nerd. i hear the nerd alert siren everytime i see him and his perfectly tucked in shirt. he could learn a thing or two from ben olsen on how to talk to other players too...not best to point your finger in someones face.

Taylor "Twinkie" Twellman- nicknamed Twinkie, by an occasional Edgell Supporter, in honor of his yellow cleats. his celebration after every single goal is really what has sealed it for me.

Pablo Mastroeni- he erks us. and again, he plays for the crapids.

Thierry Henry -ew

Clint Dempsey- don't try to be a rapper! who do you think you are, shaq?

And just for good measure I'll add our least favorite, by far, of the commentators - Max Bretos. his partner is nearly mute, so he talks like a fool and looks it too when he thinks he's not on camera. thank heavens for sunday games on telefutura.

This list is not nearly what it should be...who are we missing?

Match 2.9 The Setup: DCU v Red Bull New York 6-10-07 or the Atlantic Cup Leg 1

I'm having difficulty forming my thoughts on the match this week. I really, really, really, really want to win. I feel a little sick inside though. JP Angel will punish us for our fondness of letting the ball bounce around in the box. Something else that keeps nagging at me is their defense. I believe they were two starters down against Chicago two weeks ago and still kept a clean sheet. Maybe Chicago can't finish, but maybe the Red Bull's defense was a brick wall. Probably a combination of both but still, that is worrisome. We don't need any help not scoring goals.

We can control the pace of the game and we can play decent defense minus our giveaways. The one thing we have not shown we are able to do is score. We will have to score this weekend in order to win because I am almost positive (94.5%) New York will. They like to score and they do it a lot (tied with KC for most goals in the MLS at 19). I think most of us fans, including me, have been so worried about the defensive depth and mistakes that we have overlooked our inability to score. We are allowed to score more than 2 goals in a game, I promise we are allowed to do that.

As a fan of the MLS I'm happy that this rivalry will be renewed, as a DC United fan I am worried that we will stop owning RBNY. Come on you black and red!

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.9

1. The full three points.
2. We give a goal away because RBNY earns it, not because we give something stupid away.
3. Luci gets his groove back.
4. Erpen scores from distance.

Why do I have to be so loyal? (MFLS Update Week 9)

My only experience in fantasy sports is with the NCAA Basketball Tournament, if that even counts as fantasy sports. I usually compete quite well for last place in the bracket pools because I always pick my favorite teams to win. I can't pick a team that I don't like or pick against a team I do like. This is one of the many reasons I don't gamble. It is so important to me that all faith be placed in the team I want to win. I don't want to show the sports gods that I am not fully committed to supporting my team. The happy ending to this story is that after years of picking the University of Florida they pull off two championships in a row and I destroy everyone in my brackets.

The MFLS is my first actual experience with fantasy sports. At first I tried to pick good players, paid attention every week and put forth my best effort to win our division (, I hope Bobby doesn't mind). But after 3 weeks I was down at least 75 points and second from the bottom of the table. Then I tried to get the latest, hottest players. I hit rock bottom when I bought JP Angel and I actually earned a bunch of points. I felt sinful and dirty inside. Something had to change.

This week I decided to only have players on my team that I like. That excludes all NE Revolution players and most of the other really good players in the league. At least now I can accumulate good karma and maybe the gods will look favorably upon me and my team. It is the least I can do to help DC United win, especially this week as we face the evil Red Bulls from New Jersey. Go Scorpions!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Soccer Saturday

Quite the busy soccer day yesterday.

11:30 AM - U14 PWSI Tidal Wave vs Fauquier County (Faquier County)

PWSI 6 Fauquier 0

We've got sunburns to prove we were there.
After chalking up 3 goals and an assist in the first half El Goleador rests in the shade.

1:45 PM - U18 PWSI Green Balls vs BRYC Good Team (Woodbridge)

We missed the first half but a sometimes Edgell Supporter associate is reported to have assisted on one of the two goals scored by PWSI. I also believe that the BRYC team was only playing with 7 players in order to make the game "competitive."

3:30 PM - Colorado Rapids vs TFC (MLS TV)
Colorado 1 TFC 2

Anytime the Rapids lose it is a good day. Unfortunately one of our least favorite MLSers (full list to come), Hercules Gomez, still scored.

5:30 PM - Brazil vs England (DVR fast forwarded)
Brazil 1 England 1


7:00 PM - West Virginia Chaos vs NOVA FC Royals (Robinson Field GMU)
WV Chaos 0 NOVA Royals 2

First off, thanks to Quarter Volley for making us aware of the games. We meant to get to the Freedom vs Majestics game at 5:00 but couch delivery delays prevented us from doing so. Does anybody know who won?

The Royals controlled the pace throughout the first half and went up 1-nil. Then they came out flat in the second half which led to several Chaos attempts on goal but nothing the Royals couldn't handle. After several substitutions were made the Royals got their second wind and were able to seal the deal with a second goal.
The game was exciting and eventful. After suffering a hard tackle in the first half a Chaos player left the field at half on a stretcher in an ambulance.

We hope he is ok and thank him for the excitement. There was also quite a bit of scrappy and physical play which is the way I like my soccer. We quite enjoyed ourselves and we will probably go again. Maybe by then we can settle on our favorite players and refer to them by their appropriate names, not just nicknames and numbers (way to go #15 Leroy Chimbonda, #9 Bambi on Ice 2, and #18!).
I'm not sure what we were expecting but the level of play impressed us and the fans amused us. Quote of the event from what I would describe as the most vocal Majestics/Royals supporter in attendance:
In some sort of UK accent (I'm terrible at discerning between the accents) and I assume commenting on the Washington Freedom's keeper ,"Did anyone do a set test on that girl? Their keeper looked like Lurch from the Adam's Family."
Set test- (noun) a test performed to determine the gender of an individual by checking for male genitalia (at least that is what I gathered from context clues).
I almost forgot that we (when I say we I mean Dirty) finally got something that was thrown/kicked into the stands. Although it may have belonged to another spectator we (again it had nothing to do with me, it was Dirty) wrestled it away from them. We (and I do mean we, as much as I scream and wave my arms) never get that stuff at the United games. We like you Royals.
10:30 PM - DCU vs LAG (FSC)

Match 2.8 The Result: DCU v LAG 6-2-07


Two teams looking for a draw found one. Both teams seemed content to go through the motions and earn a point. We had some rough spots in the first few minutes of play, luckily LA could not capitalize on our breakdowns. D at DCenters described it best:
"Also fortunate for DC was the fact that Nate Jaqua couldn't finish a croissant if you took two bites out of it for him, or United would have been down 2-nil early."
As the Edgell Supporters sat in the Lorton headquarters watching the game we made several observations. First, as good as Namoff is on the right side of the field he is equally terrible on the left. Thankfully we dropped Gros back and sent Namoff to where he belongs. Second, Fred is always there. He is picking up balls when others are losing them, he is getting open to be an outlet and he is always hustling for the loose ball. And lastly, we want Erpen to be our Valentine.

I am disappointed that we could not finish off a team that started hurt and slowly died throughout the game. We could have easily dismantled them with constant pressure but all we could muster was 10-15 minutes of good form in the second half. Hopefully we were just looking past LA to next week and forgot to prepare for this game because we will need the two weeks of preparation against RBNY.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.8

1. We got the clean sheet. I think we should thank Nate Jaqua for that more than anyone, but at least it proves it can be done.

2. I am not sure you can say that we did anything to the Galaxy. We kind of left each other alone.

3. Moreno is amazing on the ball. His touch is always right and he finds open spaces. Can we find him some fitness?

4. Facundo had a header that went towards the goal, the Galaxy's goal not ours.