Sunday, June 17, 2007

Match 2.10 The Result: DCU v Chicago Fire 6-16-07

DCU 3 Chicago Fire 1

The ballet recital was excellent (because I know you all care). I can't even find any highlights of the game online so I have no firsthand account to report. Has anyone found video highlights online yet? Luckily the Internets provide updates on mobile devices these days so we did get mlsnet's match tracker coverage. I think I read that Erpen had a shot. Taking a shot is the difficult step, the easy part is putting it into the net. Just a few more shots and all our dreams will come true.

Dyachenko got the start up top and from what I hear was gifted his first MLS goal, congratulations Rod! McTavish took Boswell's spot (did he play in the center or on the outside?) and was at least decent. The result was expected. I'm content with the offensive effort. I'm still a little concerned with our propensity for giving up the after-goal goal. That will be the hope and dream of next week. By the way, everybody hates you HDNet, just sayin.

For full reports see here, here, here, and here.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.10

1. We pulled up our pants and kicked Chicago while they were down.
2. McTavish gave the back line a little more hope for depth although it was against the utterly underwhelming Chicago attack.
3. Goal dust was spread but didn't quite get to Fred.
4. Goal dust lightly touched Erpen and he had a shot, although I have no idea where or how.

Now that all of this is out of the way, this week is a big week for the Edgell Supporters, it is Ben Cup week. The first leg is coming up on Saturday and we hope to have full coverage, so stay tuned.


D said...

McTavish was in the center, usually shaded towards the right.

Bob said...

I hate HDNet too. As was said on SNL this weekend [Molly Shannon w/ Linkin Park], HDNet is there for when you buy an HD TV and want to make sure it is working correctly.

I want online highlights too!

Some Postman said...

Oh yes, it certainly is Ben Cup week (finally!). Prepare for a disaster of epic proportions: a loss to Real Salt Lake!!!