Friday, October 26, 2007

Slight, unimportant internets fallout from our Burch Transcription Services

The Offside Rules picked up on our Burchie transcription and it seems to have stirred some people up. For the record, we did not intend for a bus to pass over Marc's defenseless body, we just thought it was kind of funny. We'll take his left foot over Freddy's any day.

We continue in our undying love for you Marc... now shorten that service wind up and give Chicago the beat down they deserve next Thursday.

Maybe we need new calls for Burch from distance.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Marc Burch on Freddy Adu

Marc Burch, The Edgell Supporters current favorite DC United player, was interviewed yesterday morning on The Junkies (Washington D.C. morning radio show). Marc was quite candid on his thoughts about Freddy Adu.

On Freddy Adu (transcribed by Dirty Supporter):

Junkies (EB): Is everybody happy to be rid of Freddy, does anybody talk about Freddy these days?

Burch: We don't really talk about him, and a lot of people are happy to be rid of him. He's a little bit of a cancer in the locker room, we have good team chemistry right now, and I don't think anybody is really missin' him. I don't really care too much about Freddy so...

Junkies (EB): Did you think he was a dick, you never really played with him though right?

Burch: I think his ego is a little bit bigger than he is, he's 5'1" and his ego makes him 7 feet all.

Junkies (EB): Did other guys on the team agree with you, without callin' them out?

Burch: You're friends with your teammates, but it gets to you eventually, people like that, sometimes you can't stand them.

Junkies (Cakes): You're basically saying he's just a diva, who's had everything handed to him by the MLS, and he's not nearly up to the level of his press clippings?

Burch: He's as good as he can be, for his age.

Junkies (EB): Did guys on the team believe his advertised age?

Burch: Uhhh, no comment on that one.

End of transcription. Complete interview audio is here.

We knew there was a reason we like Burchie so much. He also had some really funny things to say about Ben Olsen and Fred (or as the Junkies call him "Fred Nubbins"), the transcribing process is still going on for those quotes.

Monday, October 22, 2007

2007 MLS Playoffs First Round - Leg 1 vs. Chicago Fire

United finishes out the season at home with the most exciting 0-0 draw I have ever seen against Chicago and a 3-2 loss against Columbus that showcased some very creative attacking from United. Now it is on to the playoffs where DC faces everyone's favorite knockout competition rival, Chicago Fire.

Does the past dictate the future? Do current trends remain constant?

I'm not a big believer in the past dictating the future especially if the participants change. Both DC United and Chicago Fire have new coaches and a mix of new and old players. The past also paints an ugly pictures so let's look at current trends:

September and October MLS records

Chicago Fire (L,W,T,T,T,T,W,T,W) 3-1-5
Goal Differential: +2 (GF 9, GA 7)

DC United (W,T,W,W,T,W,T,T,L) 4-1-4
Goal Differential +9 (GF 20, GA 11)

October MLS records

Chicago Fire (W,T,W) 2-0-1
Goal Differential: +2 (GF 3, GA 1)

DC United (T,T,L) 0-1-2
Goal Differential -1 (GF 3, GA 4)

DCU record head-to-head with Chicago during the MLS regular season 1-0-2

A few notes on these trends. Chicago was fighting for a playoff spot throughout all of these games and therefore was playing with more urgency than usual. DC United was playing to win the Supporter's Shield throughout all but one of these games (which is the only loss) so they were also playing with more urgency, but probably less survival instinct than Chicago. Concerning the head-to-head statistics, we can probably throw out the one win as Chicago was a different team in June.

Now, what does all of this mean? Chicago has been consistent over the last two months including the last 3 games but not overly impressive and DC has been impressive in the last two months but is now in a slight decline. We can be reassured that the decline is not much of a trend as it has been only 3 games and the last game was meaningless as far as winning trophies goes.

Hope and Dreams for the first leg of the first round of the playoffs

1. The injuries heal quickly, wolverine style.
2. Simms shuts down Blanco again.
3. Burch practices his amazing service without a wind up.
4. We get goals in Toyota Park. I don't care who or how, we need away goals to get some momentum going into the rest of the playoffs.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Match 2.29 The Setup: DCU v CHF 10-13-07

With two games left in the regular season DC is looking to clinch home field advantage and win the Supporter's Shield. Chicago is trying to keep it's playoff hopes alive by staying up with KC and keeping the surging Beckspiracy at bay.

This is the third and final regular season meeting between the Chicago Fire and DC United. DC United won the first meeting at RFK and drew at Toyota Park with the awe inspiring Jaime Moreno/Matt Pickens show.

Unfortunately Jaime will be with the Bolivian National Team this weekend as Bolivia begins World Cup qualifiers. DC will also be missing Bobby Boswell (bad behavior), probably Josh Gros (head injuries again), and possibly Fred (groin). The Fire will be missing Jeff Curtin and Justin Mapp to injury.

Hope and Dreams for Match 2.29

1. The Hunchback of Chicago meets Clyde Simms and is subsequently shut down.
2. Luci and Benny both get goals.
3. Gros gets better and has not done any permanent damage.
4. McTavish goal.

Previews From Our Compatriots

Poplar Point Perspective

Match 2.28 The Result: DCU v KCW 10-5-07


Considering all the facts, we looked pretty good I thought, just no finishing, but then neither did KC. We need to close on the opposing attack faster to hurry their decision making. We are still in the hunt for the Supporter's Shield but Chivas is right there with us.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.28

1. It appears that teams are now keying on Emilio and physically abusing him, we need Christian to really get going so we can take advantage of the focus shift.
2. I arrived in time and we were all disappointed in the result.
3. 14K showed up... KC to St. Louis! At least 14K looks more crowded in a soccer specific stadium.
4. McTavish did not score, however, he looks very comfortable out there in any of the positions he plays.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Match 2.28 The Setup: DCU v KCW 10-5-07

Condensed Preview: 1st of three matches against playoff hungry teams. KC has behavior issues, DC has injury issues.

Hope and Dreams for Match 2.28

1. Emilio notches another towards the DC single season goal scoring record.
2. I can get to my mom's house in time to see the game... thanks Cox.
3. More than 10K show up to the game in KC.
4. McTavish goal, header preferred.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Copa Nissan Sudamericana 2007 Match 1.1b The Result: DCU v. Chivas de Guadalajara 10-5-07 Second Leg


Aggregate: DCU 2 CDG 2, CD Guadalajara wins with the only away goal

"We Are the Champions" anyone?

For all the talk about going out and playing our game and taking the game to Chivas, we sure looked liked we were bunkering for a 0-0 draw. Not that I blame Soehn for the strategy but when you give the other team that many opportunities, something is bound to find the back of the net. We needed to play perfect defense and while we did a decent job, we let one ball bounce around in a dangerous area for too long. DC United waited until it was absolutely necessary before we put anything into the attack, by that time we didn't have a lot left in the tank.

We missed Fred and Burch. Burch would've given a little more to the counter with his service and Fred would have been a nice sub in or out for Gros in the 60th to put more energy on the pitch. I really would have liked the win or at least some combination that allowed us to advance, but I have to admit I'm not all that broken up about it. Back to the Supporter's Shield and the MLS Cup.

Facts and Reality for Copa Nissan Sudamericana 2007 Match 1.1b
1. We adjusted fine to the pace of the match, but if your bunkering, something is bound to go in.
2. Nothing special was about right, we didn't do enough...
3. Mexican clubs still rule in Mexico.
4. McTavish had a few decent shots, maybe Burch has awoken the defensive striking beast.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Copa Nissan Sudamericana 2007 Match 1.1b The Setup: DCU v. Chivas de Guadalajara 10-5-07 Second Leg

The second leg of the round of 16 match up between DC United and CD Guadalajara. Burch is out with a red card, Fred is possibly out with injury, Namoff is banged up a little but I expect him to be able to go. The Goats lost their coach between the last time we played them and now. A loud, hostile crowd in a big stadium in Mexico. We'll have to come out and strike early to have a chance.

I start my statistics class tonight (wish me luck) so I'll be getting home just in time for the tape delay at 11. Vamos United!

Hopes and Dreams for Copa Nissan Sudamericana 2007 Match 1.1b

1. We adjust quickly to the pace of the match.
2. Nothing special, just that we do what it takes to advance.
3. A US club win in Mexico.
4. McTavish header.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Match 2.27 The Result: DCU v TFC 9-29-07


I brought a friend to this one and at halftime I was worried that between our lackluster play and seats behind the press boxes I might have brought him to the wrong game. United did decent with the pace and control of the game in the first half but we certainly were not making the most of our chances. Kpene still can't finish, though I still want to think there is something there because he puts himself in the right places. Troy got caught again on a keeper side free kick... that can't happen anymore.

Olsen and Moreno came in at half for Gros and Kpene. The difference that those two make on the field is unbelievable. The Supporters often talk about what will happen when they are gone, but we have yet to come up with any solutions. I hope we get a few years with them as super-subs when they can no longer go the full 90. Back to the game... with Olsen in, Fred goes to his more comfortable left flank and starts to inflict damage on Toronto. The equalizer comes in the 52nd on a back heel from Fred to Burch at the corner of the box and then Burch sends a laser in for his first goal. BURCH FROM DISTANCE! Then Fred takes his chance from nearly the same spot as Burch in the 57th and puts a beautiful shot past the keeper. And the goals continued with Jaime scoring in the 66th on a great ball from Clyde Simms and then Emilio finished us off in the 70th with an insane rebound left foot sky volley... whatever it was, it was amazing. 4 goals in 20 minutes to come from behind and win. So it turns out this was a good first time match. Hopefully we can bring them back again.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.27

1. We were the better team but we waited until the second half to show it.
2. Fred gets an assist and a goal and Emilio gets #20.
3. The infield was not gone yet, but we are getting close.
4. Burch from distance!!! Like a laser rocket.

HDNet, thanks for allowing us to have the highlights this time.