Monday, December 22, 2003

So I live with my mom...

Living with mom isn't as odd as you might think. the trends show that i am part of a movement. back to the home. cheap rent, good meals, and my mommy... who knows when i'll actually be on my feet. my mom is mad cool. good to argue with, good for eating and making sweets. it's a good time at home. the point is... i'm not ashamed. I LIVE WITH MY MOM! let it be known
Video games are the future of our world. Art, entertainment, communication, our way of life. Please refer to my prophetic post "Our Creativity Part II" Dec 04. ok not prophetic but i was singing praises to the industry a couple weeks ago.

Friday, December 19, 2003

the poison

sleep deprivation is poison to the mind. it slowly decays and eats away at your more functional areas. big time bad news. that's my excuse for no good material this week... take it or die!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

shout out

just wanted to take a chance today to holler at my boy Haagen Dazs. in true and inspiring form he has started blogging and is on fire. please check his link to the right "Haagen Peter Dazs". you can look forward to more fine works from the ss crew courtesy HAP. keep the blog alive! mjc you are the true inspiration. thanks

Return of the Cave Troll?

submitted by Dr. Bobby Steels

To all who care to Listen....

....So I'm sitting at my desk working happily and I feel pressure....oh the pressure. It's time for the toilet.

I walk in the stall, expose myself, and sit. Literally one second later another man, I suspect, walks in and sits as well. I'm pushing (not too hard though, I like to enjoy my stay with Papasquat Peenchalov)...and the man next to me starts letting it fly, I mean the sounds I heard were, no...they were disturbing.

I was thinking "very impressive" but I didn't feel the need to indulge so close to the source. Now I'm trying to speed things up so I could get far away and then...I heard whispering.

I thought the guy maybe needed help and was struggling so that a man voice was no longer enabled. I listened intently for signs of life, while fearing inside that I might have to help a man exposed, stinky, and on a toilet. Without delay the man explodes once more. "He's alive!", I thought, but is he well? (I was frightened for I did not feel the need to help a man while he is on the toilet)

I'm still trying to wrap things up in a hurry and the thought crossed my mind, "I wonder who that is". First answer that came to mind, due to the nature of this man's amplitude and our past history, was CAVE TROLL. I thought "Oh No!", had the cave troll decided my mind was not scarred enough? Had he decided to take it one step further (if that is even possible)? Had fate damned me once more? I had hoped not. I refuse to be indirectly molested ever again.

Then I heard a loud whisper, I couldn't quite make out the words because it was more of a mumble, followed by a short "hahaha". So then I thought "cave troll doesn't do that sort of thing". I'm thinking....and thinking (this thinking occurred very quickly mind you)........... Finally I thought... "it must be zzz zzz aka BITF?" Still frightened; I cleaned, dressed, washed, and scurried away.

Although I did not stay to find out I feel pretty strongly that the strange, struggling man was him aka BITF.
Can you think of any other man in our office with such a distinctive characteristic? I think not.
God bless that man's anus.

Thank You for listening,

Dr. Bobby Steels
P.S. This is a true story. And I hope there are no more of these to come.

*Dr. Steels appears courtesy of HAP

Friday, December 12, 2003

Giant Insects and the Mini Zoo

there are two things that need to be changed in this world in order to bring humans together. number one: insects should be HUGE, slightly larger than humans even. of course we would need to reduce the overall quantity of these creatures, but we definitely need to make them larger and more fierce. this would eliminate wars consisting of humans vs. humans. we would be too busy defending ourselves from the giant insects. i fully support a plea for world peace, but i'm more interested in the unification of the human species. number two: we should have mini zoos, someone (preferably the japanese) should develop a way of breeding mini animals or just go ahead and invent a machine that can reduce the size of our current wildlife. in a shoe box you could have elephants, lions, zebras, several species of monkeys, and any number of rodents. the idea is this, once everyone owns there own zoo they will be completely and utterly content. could anyone wish for more than their very own zoo? i know i can't. furthermore, individuals all over the planet could begin to communicate and trade their animals. it would open up the communication lines all over the world, thus bringing us into one harmonious fold. of course all the while we would be defending ourselves against yao ming sized roaches, give a little to get a little... know what i'm sayin!

Thursday, December 11, 2003

shout out

i know he's not gonna like this (by this i mean the nickname) but this goes out to Crapperman. please anyone and everyone (i know you are many) that visits the black triangle, go to Mr. T Will Throw You! (Look at the links on the right of this page) i no where near endorse this page nor support it, in fact i disagree with hating in such a direction BUT i do have love for the man behind the hate, as i am an avid hater myself. Read what he has to say... then send him hate mail, especially you conservatively minded people out there.

Grow up!

why is everyone so interested in being a responsible adult? and why does everyone hate you when you are honest? i'm not talking about tactless honesty, i'm saying when you are asked a question or pressured about something and you tell someone straight up what the deal is. accept what i tell you. change that affects the life of others is so difficult to make. you always want to be the good guy, but sometimes you aren't allowed to be because it hurts you. i don't mean to be selfish but i have to come first if i am ever going to be able to be a positive force in anyone else's life.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Our Creativity Part II

I don't know much about gaming or animation or anything in that arena but from what I have read it seems as though the video game industry is somewhat rebellious and a proponent of creativity. As opposed to keeping the technology, knowledge, and ideas to themselves (like some other major industries we know.... music anyone?), they encourage CREATIVITY. This NY Time article discusses some advances in gaming as well as making animation and movie making software available with their games. You probably can't read it if you aren't subscribed to NY Times... if you aren't subscribed to the NY Times Online... Shame on you! Go do it now!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

"I know that. I do know that."

NPR ran a really good STORY yesterday on Navoo and the history of the Mormons. I found the story to be well balanced and fair. There was even a call out (See Below) of one of the non-Mormons featured in the story.

In reference to the increasing Mormon population (over 40% of the total population) in Navoo. A former city council member (Joan Craft) had the following to say:
Joan Craft: You know the neighborhoods are filling up more and more with mormons and I look for the [city] council to be predominantly Mormon at some point. I just believe that there is a plan and I don't believe the local people are part of that plan.
Reporter: You know if you substituted another group for Mormon and you were saying some of these things people would accuse you of being a bigot.
Joan: I know that. I do know that. But I just think, I don't know, they are smiling at us like, you know, "we're gonna have this some day and you aren't... the only history we care about is ours,"and that's the bottom line.

It's amazing to me that so many groups are so well protected yet the Mormons still can't get respect. It has become OK to have blanket negative feelings towards the Mormons. And as shown above, people seem to be ok with bigotry towards them. Thanks to the Provo Daily Herald in Utah we have a good ILLUSTRATION of the problem. Please take time to read the article AND CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS... you will be amazed at the hatred and ignorance. And please tell me, how long do we turn the other cheek?

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Hands Tied

Listening to: Rancid "Life Won't Wait"
You can see the most important people in your life writhing in pain, run to help them only to trip over yourself and realize your hands are tied. I can stop bleeding, mend a broken bone, but an aching heart and an anguished soul are beyond my control. This doesn't mean I won't try, because I will, but it just feels soo... sooo... helpless I guess.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003


This is a shout out to Shaniqua. Kumbya my Lord, Kumbaya. Also as a side note, I found today that my blog shows up if you type in BLACK TRIANGLE BLOG. To my dismay, I also learned that there is a Quiet Riot-esque band from Orange County called Black Triangle. Furthermore there is some sort of medical society using the same name. Although embarassing and somewhat frustrating, it just proves that the term Black Triangle is extremely SS... doctors and butt rockers use it alike. And the most SS of all UFOs are also referred to as Black Triangles.

The Cave Troll Strikes Back

So maybe I am at fault here, I was after all the one staring at his rear as I walked down the hall. But you tell me how I am supposed to resist looking at the butt crack of a cave troll? I was just walking through the office and the Cave Troll pulls out in front of me, I would go as far as to say he cut me off. His suspenders, thankfully still intact this time, had dislodged and disheveled his dress shirt causing it to bunch up and raise itself. Being somewhat heavier myself I understand how shirts can easily untuck themselves. I could tell the shirt had slowly been rising, but I found it peculiar that it was only right above the cave trench. It was as if the shirt was alive and was suffering from the fumes and moisture emitted from the abyss from which all trolls come. This thought obviously was cause for some amusement on my part and I started to laugh but at the same time I remembered Bobby Steels and his traumatic experience. The whole time I'm following the Cave Troll down the hall staring at his pale, pasty, moist like a tropical rain forest, butt crack. I could literally feel the heat emitted from the source. An even more disturbing thought entered my mind, "Why can I see his butt crack? Why isn't there some sort of underclothing in place to save me from this horror?" I tried to push it out of my mind but it came and even more vivid than I wanted. The Cave Troll in all his glory standing before my mind's eye. I was abruptly woken from this walking nightmare when suddenly he turned around and asked me... "Do you have a utility knife?" I quickly told him to ask Haagen Dazs for such a tool and I chuckled to myself as he trotted off to disturb Haagy.

Friday, November 14, 2003

who i am

no i'm not an angel of god... nor am i an angel of satan for that matter. i'm a human. i consist of evil and goodness. but i expect other humans to accept that. i feel no reason to hide who i am. the good and bad parts. why would i waste my time hiding things that i think other people will object to? so what you see is what you get. the end
enough of that... i saw kill bill last night. my response: whoa. violent. artistic. disturbing. quentin is out of control. seriously, who creates a character like BUCK and then delves into that hospital comatose situation. whoa.

Friday, November 07, 2003


gx: you know the most fashionable day, perhaps is when someone dies, everyone is dressed in black
wolverine: well said my son
gx: like all the people that cant dress are dressed nicely, like a calvin klein party
wolverine: morbid but well said
gx: thank you

so you see death isn't all bad. those of us that are fashionably inept will finally have our day. look for those funerals or make friends with sick people so that the funerals will come to you. sure your soul will ache and you will run in pointless circles trying to make sense of the end of mortality, but at least no one can laugh at you because you don't match.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Our Creativity

New theories on old stories, Jesus had a wife? The banana boys cruising on their Segway in the canary yellow leisure suits that only Black Belt Jones could appreciate. So they appear to be somewhat homosexual... metrosexual is ok right? Besides who pays attention anymore to the gender roles we are trying to disolve. Is that healthy? ODB has been released and now we are close to releasing Mr. SS himself, the ruler, MC Ricky D a legend among men. Knock 'em out the box Rick, knock em out.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Play that Dead Band's Song

Do you ever wake up in the morning and ask yourself "what happened to rock and roll"?? Well to be quite honest I rarely ask myself that question because I don't know what rock and roll is. In the past I have even been told that what I might call rock and roll is soft rock, even adult contemporary (nothing quite conjures the image of John Tesh as quickly as the mention of that genre)... OFFENSIVE! yeah I know, but the fact that I thought that was funny proves I am no rocker. My point here is this: if you do ask yourself where the good rock and roll is, I have the answer. Three simple words DRIVE BY TRUCKERS. I ventured to see them for a third time last night. It was worth the drive to Baltimore several times over. They rocked and thrashed about for nearly 3 energetic hours. Those good ol boys from Alabama took my hearing from me. If you love the south, the truth, and ass shakin rock n roll you've found your salvation. I know I've found mine.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Our Needy Celebrities

A number of our brilliant celebrities have come up with the perfect ideas for the future of technology. The link will lead you to the article but then you have to navigate through a list of "related articles" authored by the celebrities. Margaret Cho is particularly realistic in her technological wish list.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Destruction is a Form of Creation

For all you would be artists out there, creators of beauty, it's time to write your first novel. I'm not sure I'll be participating this year, but in the future it is definitely a goal of mine. Put the pressure on yourself.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Cave Troll

Bobby Steels rolling through the office all nonchalant, minding his own business. Now, in order to understand the gravity of this incident you must be introduced to the Mighty's Cave Troll. A large man, an old man, a grievously fat man. As is the case with many larger men, he enlists the support of suspenders to hold up his cloth coverings, also known as "pants". He is somewhat awkward in his relations with coworkers. He mumbles and roars like a cave troll would. He also has been known to abuse Bobby by asking him questions that nobody has the answers to and assigning him tasks that are not in his field of expertise. Back to Bobby rolling through the halls... the cave troll runs into an unexpected turn of events. Under the strain of his mass, his suspenders pop off of his pants and they go plunging to the floor. With one burly arm he reaches back to pull his trousers into a non threatening position, but now what? He is much too rotund to use the other arm to latch the suspender back on. Unsuspecting Mr. Steeles himself comes into the picture and lo and behold the cave troll pleads with him to latch the suspender back onto his pants. Not only does Bobby have to endure the unsightly horror of the cave troll on edge of losing his pants at any second, he also has been asked to participate in an action that would involve touching the creature's body. God bless his soul, Bobby takes action... he respectfully grabs the fastener and quickly latches it securely to the beasts panty line. Afterwards Bobby was seen nursing his hand back to health from the severe burns that were suffered due to the acidic nature of the troll's skin and nether regions. (TRUE STORY: names have been changed to protect the guilty)

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


In my monthly tradition I come to you again. You being my people. You meaning those of you that could be anywhere in the world at this moment but you have chosen to be here with me. I promise it will be worth your while. I have engaged in verbal warfare in this last month on a number of occasions. Usually with the age old opponent, Ghandi X aka Candlestick. Sometimes I wonder if SS is truly the enlightened path. There are several active participants in the SS movement that make me wonder if Lucifer himself is not at the helm. A continuous perpetuator of SS, Ludacris, has put out another ENTIRE album of SS sometimes only with the one S. This man is foolish. He looks goofy, he raps about the stupidest things, and did I mention... He looks like martin Lawrence had a baby with a puppy panda. I mean I don't meant to hate, but the man is selling albums rapping about midgets and chicken and "dirty" dancing. SS is supposed to make the world a better place... Where have I gone wrong?

Monday, September 29, 2003


I believe my comment ability is up and running. Please tell me if that is true. SOMEONE!!!!


This month off has been somewhat enlightening. Month off of what? you might ask. Well as many of you know The Smooth Project has been taking all of my time, so i have been unable to process information at the accelerated speeds that you are all used to when dealing with my microprocessing unit. I have since turned back on the machine, uploaded a tremendous amount of material, raw uncut material, and it's now ready to come back at you. By the way... The Davinci Code. Gotta gotta gotta get that in your head.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Ghandi Speaks

Today: The sun came out bright and Astoria looked like a Hallmark card. I sat down for Raisan Bran and contemplated on solving the world's problems. But foremost; I thought about the beautiful waterfalls around the world. I thought about how perfect the word "waterfall" is for the natural wonder. It is true water does fall down in a "Waterfall". But suddenly a flashback came into my mind, the pictures of Udai and Oday dead. The graphic nature of those pictures. Gruesome Pictures blood spattered, chunks of meat gone, and the bodies looking surreal. I continued to eat my Raisan Bran. It was a beautiful morning. My Raisan Bran tasted so well. The smell of the milk in association with the flakes was delightful. I finally stood up said thank you for my Raisan Brans and resumed enjoying my thoughts. :]

Office Warfare

Ghandi vs. Wolverine

Celery stabs and staplers... not to mention the fatal mobile mouse. To be continued...


If I hadn't been so in love with the black triangle, i would've changed it to the black tritium today. A new level in SS history has been reached, commonly known as the H-3 isotope. Be aware, be very aware. Tritium is the new world power. My levels are rising... not to be si but i have been on a hot streak. Ghandi says to me, "Yo, I will be making 7 figures." I respond, "Yeah if you count the dollar sign and the period... $147.65."

Powered by Tritium

Thursday, August 07, 2003

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes."

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I know most of us wish for a different life or at least some signifcant unrealistic changes in the life that we already lead. Well thanks to those people i like to refer to as "technologists," we soon will have the option of a different life. Sure the Matrix is just some silly movie, but just how close can we get to making it a reality. Please take the time to visit our friends at and read the following article.
Most of you missed one of sport's finest moments. Who says bicycle racing can't be fun? Belokiwitted

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Let's take a look at where our tax dollars are being spent. RIGHT HERE. Heaven forbid we pay attention to things that matter. This is an atrocity. But let's not just complain, let's do something. It's time to start writing, calling, and emailing our "representatives" and letting them know how we feel. This is still a democracy right?

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

SS levels are slowly rising. Brain power at 3%. I recently found out that i am sharing a brain with another man which would explain my low output. Humans use 10% of their brain... I only use 5%. The other 5% is occupied by Ghandi himself. The newest generation (that which is generated) from [8] Consulting is as follows:
BET a.k.a. Black Entertainment Television a.k.a. Black Pride a.k.a. Guardian of the Zulu Nation. I enjoy the programming, I enjoy an injection of culture at times. Stay with me though because this is where even I get lost. Even as my SS levels are off the chart I cannot grasp the concept of white evangelical preaching on BET. You know you've seen it. Late Saturday night or on Sunday trying to catch some of those funny black comedians that you love so much. To your dismay you are splattered with white preachers yelling about condemnation. Someone please explain this to me... this Hyper Whiteness plaguing BET's ebony airwaves... it just seems so wrong. Affirmative action for the white man??? I should hope not.

Friday, June 27, 2003

It's what some might call a breakdown, but i prefer to call it ENLIGHTENMENT. Basically when your brain has reached capacity levels and is working on insufficent sleep and poor nutrition. The levels of SS are off the chart. Due to the inability to process information i will leave you with this: Socrates said, "the unexamined human life is not worth living." In response to that question i ask this: Wouldn't we be better off if we couldn't examine our lives so much? Ignorance is bliss.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I've decided to get a hippo for a pet. It has always been considered hot to have exotic pets. A hippo I imagine is at the top of the list. What if i were to get a mini hippo that wouldn't grow to be very big? Put him in the backyard with a pool and some hippo stuff. Then i thought... i might need some friends for him. Other hippos would be too much of a liability for a suburban neighborhood, what i need are compatible birds and monkeys. So now i just have to find a place where i can get a hippo or maybe i should lease one first...? i'll check into that and let you know what info comes up.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Click here for that article that about race... what does it mean to be black or white?

Thursday, June 19, 2003

As a continuation of yesterday’s post I am posed to tackle understanding. One of the most rewarding experiences is meeting someone with whom we immediately feel comfortable. We can tell that there is a connection. Alternatively, there is the frustration of knowing someone for years and never quite reaching an understanding with them. Somehow in the intricacies of our minds with all the oddity and unique ways of bringing information together we are able to understand other people. Different parts of our minds match with certain people and they make complete sense when they talk or share an idea. We all have a million different parts in our brain that only match up with other people that have those same parts and the more parts that match the more understanding we can achieve with that person. These are the times when we can see eye to eye on some things and we are able to transfer that understanding to other situations where our brains don’t match so well. This is how people come to compromise and make decisions as a group. Sometimes we don’t have any common ground to work from, we don’t understand each other from the bottom up. Nothing matches in our heads. The result can be fatal. Diplomacy is many brains somewhat matching, the failure of that process usually puts in a situation where violence is the only common language. War.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

It's not really a condition but more of a submission. You wonder why your brain doesn't work "right". Maybe you are fortunate enough to know that there is no such thing as a correct mode of functioning for the human brain. Each one analyzes and synthesizes in a completely unique way. Which brings us to the next obstacle... understanding. If we all have a specific and unique way of thinking how do we ever reach an understanding of one another... and even more difficult how do we come to make decisions together or compromise?