Thursday, June 19, 2003

As a continuation of yesterday’s post I am posed to tackle understanding. One of the most rewarding experiences is meeting someone with whom we immediately feel comfortable. We can tell that there is a connection. Alternatively, there is the frustration of knowing someone for years and never quite reaching an understanding with them. Somehow in the intricacies of our minds with all the oddity and unique ways of bringing information together we are able to understand other people. Different parts of our minds match with certain people and they make complete sense when they talk or share an idea. We all have a million different parts in our brain that only match up with other people that have those same parts and the more parts that match the more understanding we can achieve with that person. These are the times when we can see eye to eye on some things and we are able to transfer that understanding to other situations where our brains don’t match so well. This is how people come to compromise and make decisions as a group. Sometimes we don’t have any common ground to work from, we don’t understand each other from the bottom up. Nothing matches in our heads. The result can be fatal. Diplomacy is many brains somewhat matching, the failure of that process usually puts in a situation where violence is the only common language. War.

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