Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Match 2.8 The Setup: DCU v Los Galacticos Angelinos 6-2-07

This is a blue collar week for DC United. We are not the best team in the East, we are no longer in danger of being the worst. This is when the long hard grind of the season begins. It is time for us to get to work. This week we face a Galaxy team that has played the fewest games in the league so I don't think we know exactly who they are yet. Based on what I have seen, I don't think they know who they are yet either. It is almost as if they are waiting for the arrival of Beckham before they define themselves.

It appears as though we might be without our usual starting defensive midfielder Brian Carroll (the same source also counts at least 8 players out for the Galaxy).

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.8

1. A clean sheet. It is time for our defense to shut down an opposing offense. Come on ya back line!
2. We exact revenge on los galacticos for the way they treated us last year.
3. Moreno's playing time is reduced. Hey, everybody is talking about it now.
4. Erpen scores from distance.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jaime Moreno spotted in section 210

Contrary to what is being reported in most other places, Jaime Moreno was at the game yesterday. Apparently he told a lot of people that he got called up to play with the Bolivian National Team. He very well may have been called up but he definitely didn't go. As you can see from this picture (taken by the edgell supporters' photographer, also known as wifey), Abuelito Moreno was in section 210 at RFK yesterday. You can tell it is him because of the jersey and the gray hair. Remember, you read it here first.

Oh and one more thing, I believe Bobby Convey accompanied Moreno to the game. You would think these guys would keep a lower profile but they seem to always wear their jerseys in public. Weird.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Match 2.7 The Result: DCU v Dynamo Houston 5-26-07

United 2 Dynamo 1

Another win, the unbeaten streak is extended to four. The bad things about actually going to the game are that a) I can't see which player is doing what (mostly because I need to get new glasses) and b) I get so busy hating the refs for no real reason that all objectivity is lost. On to the one sided review. Gomito is back. He controlled the middle of the pitch and our wing play bought him more space to work with. His set piece goal in the fourth minute was important for his confidence and his assist to Benny sealed the Gomez revival. Houston looked unorganized and frustrated evidenced by their bad passes and molestation of our strikers. Ching could not hit a quality header to save his life. Houston played their usual game and controlled most of the second half. Perkins' PK denial was almost as amazing as his goal post kicking celebration. DeRo was frustrated most of the game (I think he was carded for dissent perhaps it was for whining) and only scored because Fred and Gros jumped past him in some sort of synchronized gymnastic display. All in all not a bad performance by United, now if we can just string together two good halves in one game.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.7:
1. The passion was definitely there in the first half. You would think after leading by the most dangerous spread in soccer (2-0) they would step up the pressure in the second half but we almost let Houston back into the game.
2. Benny got a goal and guess what... IT WAS IN THE RUN OF PLAY!!! AMAZING!
3. My voice was damaged by the celebration of the first goal but it was destroyed by booing for the no call on Kpene in the box.
4. Erpen did not get a goal but he did get a bicycle which almost cost us a penalty. Way to go Facundo. He actually had a very good match and cleared the ball very well. I love you Facundo.

Pictures from the match still to come including a Moreno spotting.

Explanation of the Edgell Numbering Scheme and piracy isn't all fun and adventure

Q: Why do The Edgell Supporters use such an oddly fantastic match numbering system? (Pheidippides, Greece)

A: Dear Feety Peedies, thanks for your interest and loyal readership. The Edgell Supporters number the matches based on our MLS DC United experience. This is our second season of support so all the matches for this season will be prefaced with a 2, next season with a 3, and so on until the end of time. The second number is not nearly as exciting as it is merely the sequential order of regular season MLS matches. Again, thanks for the question and please encourage your other friends to criticize and comment as they please.

Due to a recent shortage of rocket sauce within the DC United realm we have done a little research as to what might be causing the problem. Luckily one of our dear friends is already on the case and has issued the following public service announcement.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Match 2.7 The Setup: DCU v Dynamo Houston 5-26-07 or The Clash of the Teams That Played in CONCACAF and Could Not Get Their Act Together

I am by no means a euro soccer snob, in fact I follow the MLS much closer than I follow any other league but the MLS names need some work. In my effort to change some of the names you will see that the Houston Dynamo is listed as Dynamo Houston in the title above. All I want are some small simple changes like SC's instead of FC's and some city names before the mascots or whatever you call them. Red Bull New York sounds much better than New York Red Bulls (that is if it were possible for their name to sound "good"). Anyway, back to the matter at hand the clash of CONCACAF qualifiers... the two best teams in the MLS last season. On to the preview:

Dwayne De Rosario got a haircut. I was never a big fan of the braids. He kind of looked like Alicia Keys with a beard.
In other DeRo news, I have him on my MFLS team and all he does is give me negative points. (editor's note: the author has since transferred DeRo for Onstad) Having watched several Houston games, including the game last Saturday against the Revolution, I have come to the conclusion that they are DC United without the PKs and set piece goals. They usually control the game and have a few good chances, but they can't put anything in the net. Much like United they give up goals in the run of play and just can't get dangerous enough to get any points. Let's hope that they continue with this trend on Saturday. United is looking to continue their 3 game unbeaten streak but this time without MLS record tier Jaime Moreno. I would classify myself as a Moreno naysayer but I think we will miss him more than I want us to this week. The only lineup change I see is Kpene or Addlery starting for Moreno both of which can bring the rocket sauce to a struggling Houston team.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.7:
1. Soehn sufficiently scared the starters a few weeks ago so they will still play with passion (Brian Carroll that means you, Moreno is off the hook this week).
2. We learn how to score in the run of play and subsequently apply said learning on the pitch this Saturday.
3. I don't lose my voice from yelling at the refs but from celebrating our multiple goals.
4. Erpen scores from distance.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Match 2.6 The Result: DCU v TFC 5-19-07

A win is a win. The first half was usual 2007 United play, we control the ball, never look dangerous, and we give up a goal because we don't clear the ball. Namoff as usual was great on defense and creative on offense. The second half was a bit of a different story. We started to look dangerous and take control of the game. Kpene is dangerous, every time he touches the ball it looks as though he might score or create for someone else to score. Moreno has shown that he should come into the game after the 60th because that is when he likes to actually start playing. He even played impressive defense late in the game and made an effort at 50/50 balls. This game still left me wondering if we will ever learn how to score in the run of play.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.6

1. Erpen almost got himself double-yellowed out of the game while still managing to get a bicycle kick in.

2. Gomez had a genuine smile on his face at one point during the game. The assumption is that his lover at least texted him some time during the last two weeks.

3. Emilio gets more phantom fouls called against him than any other player I have seen. Maybe the refs just don't like his taste in music.

4. Abuelito Moreno started playing at about the 60th which I guess is about the same as coming in the game at that time. Congratulations on the goal and tying the record. Now you should do the right thing and tell Soehn to start Kpene over you.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Wax On, Namoff

DCenters recognized the omission of Bryan Namoff's name from the all-star ballot and subsequently called for an arts and crafts campaign to add his name. Soccer Insider notified the authorities and got Bryan's name on the all-star ballot. I am disappointed that I did not get to exercise my artistic abilities on Bryan's behalf but I would still like to honor him today.
This is the second season that I have been a DC United fan and it also marks the second season that I have been worried about DC United's wing play (until very recently with Fred on the outside). The only bright spot that I have seen in the last two seasons on the wing has come from the back when Bryan Namoff ventures across midfield. He is fast out on the flank and I dare say even creative. Maybe creative is going a bit far but his play is definitely unexpected, which for the time being passes as creative for DC United. One of my chief complaints with the MLS since I started watching last year is the lack of quality crosses. The complaining turns into frustration when it comes to DC United. On a team that can rarely put a good ball across the box Namoff has definitely been a ray of hope. Since Soehn made the decision to go to a four man back I have been excited to see what new freedom this will give Namoff to push up and show us what he's got. Bryan, show us how creative you can be and punish those Canadian upstarts tomorrow.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Match 2.6 The Setup: DCU v TFC 5-19-07 or Fried Chicken Battle Royale


I am trying to get past the fact that every time I hear or see "TFC" I think of KFC which makes me think of a friend of mine that loves fried chicken although he prefers Popeye's. With the whole fried chicken relationship skewing my view of the team from our friendly neighbor to the north, I had a hard time taking them seriously. In my head 11 Colonel Sanders in the TFC kit looked pretty ridiculous. Last weekend my ridicule turned to jealousy as I saw the Frisbee/seat cushions litter the stadium. It was like a real soccer atmosphere in a real soccer stadium. Then TFC picked up their second win beating Houston last night leaving the Black and Red alone in the Eastern Conference basement. The ridicule and jealousy has now turned into a slight irritation.

I am pulling for Toronto this season but obviously not this week. My Popeye's loving friend is a DCU supporter so this week it will be Popeye's United v Toronto Fried Chicken.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.6
1. Erpen scores from distance
2. Gomito's lover comes back to him and cures what ever is ailing him
3. Emilio gets back on his scoring track
4. Abuelito Moreno does not come in until the 60th

In an effort to increase love in the universe here is what I like about TFC:

Danny "Mike Tyson" Dichio just looks like a bad mother and from what I have seen he plays like one too. I love hustlers.

Esky we hardly knew ye and thus far we still love you. I want to see you score and score a lot, just not this week, ok?