Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Hands Tied

Listening to: Rancid "Life Won't Wait"
You can see the most important people in your life writhing in pain, run to help them only to trip over yourself and realize your hands are tied. I can stop bleeding, mend a broken bone, but an aching heart and an anguished soul are beyond my control. This doesn't mean I won't try, because I will, but it just feels soo... sooo... helpless I guess.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003


This is a shout out to Shaniqua. Kumbya my Lord, Kumbaya. Also as a side note, I found today that my blog shows up if you type in BLACK TRIANGLE BLOG. To my dismay, I also learned that there is a Quiet Riot-esque band from Orange County called Black Triangle. Furthermore there is some sort of medical society using the same name. Although embarassing and somewhat frustrating, it just proves that the term Black Triangle is extremely SS... doctors and butt rockers use it alike. And the most SS of all UFOs are also referred to as Black Triangles.

The Cave Troll Strikes Back

So maybe I am at fault here, I was after all the one staring at his rear as I walked down the hall. But you tell me how I am supposed to resist looking at the butt crack of a cave troll? I was just walking through the office and the Cave Troll pulls out in front of me, I would go as far as to say he cut me off. His suspenders, thankfully still intact this time, had dislodged and disheveled his dress shirt causing it to bunch up and raise itself. Being somewhat heavier myself I understand how shirts can easily untuck themselves. I could tell the shirt had slowly been rising, but I found it peculiar that it was only right above the cave trench. It was as if the shirt was alive and was suffering from the fumes and moisture emitted from the abyss from which all trolls come. This thought obviously was cause for some amusement on my part and I started to laugh but at the same time I remembered Bobby Steels and his traumatic experience. The whole time I'm following the Cave Troll down the hall staring at his pale, pasty, moist like a tropical rain forest, butt crack. I could literally feel the heat emitted from the source. An even more disturbing thought entered my mind, "Why can I see his butt crack? Why isn't there some sort of underclothing in place to save me from this horror?" I tried to push it out of my mind but it came and even more vivid than I wanted. The Cave Troll in all his glory standing before my mind's eye. I was abruptly woken from this walking nightmare when suddenly he turned around and asked me... "Do you have a utility knife?" I quickly told him to ask Haagen Dazs for such a tool and I chuckled to myself as he trotted off to disturb Haagy.

Friday, November 14, 2003

who i am

no i'm not an angel of god... nor am i an angel of satan for that matter. i'm a human. i consist of evil and goodness. but i expect other humans to accept that. i feel no reason to hide who i am. the good and bad parts. why would i waste my time hiding things that i think other people will object to? so what you see is what you get. the end
enough of that... i saw kill bill last night. my response: whoa. violent. artistic. disturbing. quentin is out of control. seriously, who creates a character like BUCK and then delves into that hospital comatose situation. whoa.

Friday, November 07, 2003


gx: you know the most fashionable day, perhaps is when someone dies, everyone is dressed in black
wolverine: well said my son
gx: like all the people that cant dress are dressed nicely, like a calvin klein party
wolverine: morbid but well said
gx: thank you

so you see death isn't all bad. those of us that are fashionably inept will finally have our day. look for those funerals or make friends with sick people so that the funerals will come to you. sure your soul will ache and you will run in pointless circles trying to make sense of the end of mortality, but at least no one can laugh at you because you don't match.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Our Creativity

New theories on old stories, Jesus had a wife? The banana boys cruising on their Segway in the canary yellow leisure suits that only Black Belt Jones could appreciate. So they appear to be somewhat homosexual... metrosexual is ok right? Besides who pays attention anymore to the gender roles we are trying to disolve. Is that healthy? ODB has been released and now we are close to releasing Mr. SS himself, the ruler, MC Ricky D a legend among men. Knock 'em out the box Rick, knock em out.