Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Ghandi Speaks

Today: The sun came out bright and Astoria looked like a Hallmark card. I sat down for Raisan Bran and contemplated on solving the world's problems. But foremost; I thought about the beautiful waterfalls around the world. I thought about how perfect the word "waterfall" is for the natural wonder. It is true water does fall down in a "Waterfall". But suddenly a flashback came into my mind, the pictures of Udai and Oday dead. The graphic nature of those pictures. Gruesome Pictures blood spattered, chunks of meat gone, and the bodies looking surreal. I continued to eat my Raisan Bran. It was a beautiful morning. My Raisan Bran tasted so well. The smell of the milk in association with the flakes was delightful. I finally stood up said thank you for my Raisan Brans and resumed enjoying my thoughts. :]

Office Warfare

Ghandi vs. Wolverine

Celery stabs and staplers... not to mention the fatal mobile mouse. To be continued...


If I hadn't been so in love with the black triangle, i would've changed it to the black tritium today. A new level in SS history has been reached, commonly known as the H-3 isotope. Be aware, be very aware. Tritium is the new world power. My levels are rising... not to be si but i have been on a hot streak. Ghandi says to me, "Yo, I will be making 7 figures." I respond, "Yeah if you count the dollar sign and the period... $147.65."

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Thursday, August 07, 2003

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes."