Monday, May 24, 2004

Who will it be?

You might be the lucky one. Come and see. Thanks Dotty.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Porkchops for breakfast

I was in this mall discussing the merits of taking college classes, when a spotlight shown, illuminating two gargantuan hot topic-esque stores. One of the stores had a haunted house. Boy was I eager to get the shite scared out of me. There I went, climbing the rickety wooden stairs to the entrance. The stairs went flat into a steep incline. You know like in Scooby Doo the stairs turn into a slide of sorts, yeah that's exactly what happened. Can you believe it? I totally wasn't scared. Boooring! Then Norelco the Alien Life Force, who bestows an "Earthling of the Week" award upon the kindest human for said period, went up to the haunted house. From one of the upper windows in the store leaped a kung fu MASTER. (I could tell he was a master by the way he dressed) Norelco did a 360 spin and in a flash he was also in his kung fu gear, looking fresh as a green plantain. The Alien Life Force did what he calls "move number 17" on the kung fu MASTER and it was quickly over. Then my girlfriend wouldn't talk to me. Who knows why? I certainly don't, I rarely do.

"I cannot sleep I cannot dream" last night?

Saturday, May 15, 2004

why do i do

my brother questioned me about a particular life situation today. he asked "how can you do that? why do you do that?" and most days i think i know the answer and other days it's a little more hazy. i guess it all comes down to believing. the belief that what i do today will better my life tomorrow. a supreme faith that what lies ahead is worth all the work, pain, frustration, and pain... oh did i already mention pain. lots of pain. i just saw a movie called "Pumpkin" starring Christina Ricci. sorta cheesy, not a particularly good movie. but it shows what happens when someone discovers pain. not only does she have the worst days of her life, but because she experiences that pain she is able to have the best days of her life. pain can only lead to healing. today i'm just tired of the aching wounds that just keep getting deeper, i'm ready for some of that healing. buenas noches.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

in with the new

what have we done? we are all in love with google. i love gmail (yes i'm one of the "few special" people that get to beta-cize it). i love blogger (fueled by google). i won't mention the search engine. and then there is google news. and google image search. they will slowly begin (if they aren't already) to rule our lives. but this time we'll be happy about it. weird.

gmail is the new communism.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Smithsonians Banner

Thanks Doto Roboto the Ninja.