Saturday, May 15, 2004

why do i do

my brother questioned me about a particular life situation today. he asked "how can you do that? why do you do that?" and most days i think i know the answer and other days it's a little more hazy. i guess it all comes down to believing. the belief that what i do today will better my life tomorrow. a supreme faith that what lies ahead is worth all the work, pain, frustration, and pain... oh did i already mention pain. lots of pain. i just saw a movie called "Pumpkin" starring Christina Ricci. sorta cheesy, not a particularly good movie. but it shows what happens when someone discovers pain. not only does she have the worst days of her life, but because she experiences that pain she is able to have the best days of her life. pain can only lead to healing. today i'm just tired of the aching wounds that just keep getting deeper, i'm ready for some of that healing. buenas noches.


fattucini said...

Quidado que no seas tu el que esta impediendo el sanar.

Anonymous said...

Funny, last month my sis-in-law did a visiting teaching message about healing, and one of the main points brought up was in order to start to heal, you needed to feel the pain, and not just make it go away with a quick fix. It was from an Ensign artical (I think in March) and was something that everyone could hear since we all go through crazy stuff in our lives.

That can also parallel with what I wrote about artists and depression. Through the depression we are inspired, thus once we make it past the depressive part we're much happier and have a new sense of meaning to our lives.

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