Friday, April 21, 2006

a blessing and a curse

the new album is out. they are still rocking, albeit in a different way. the album has taken a little longer to grow on me but it is definitely making its way into my heart. a little more power pop and a little less south. all hail the greatest rock band on the planet!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Strong Enough for a Man, PH Balanced for a Woman

Secrets... who do you tell your secrets to? Do you tell anyone your secrets? I am sure most of you have visited POST SECRET but if not, check it out. Very interesting and touching. This is both sharing and caring. Consider THIS a formal invitation to attend an event they are having in Alexandria, VA. Let me know if you are in and we will share and care together.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Unbinding

I recently read the novel Thumbsucker by Walter Kirn and thoroughly enjoyed it. Before reading the book I also watched the movie by the same title which was equally enjoyable. The story is about a kid growing up in the 80's and his struggle with obsession/addiction. Topics covered include: religion (mormonism), chemical substance, herbal substance, thumbsucking, performance recognition, and more. I cannot vouch for the artistic quality of either because of my disclaimer below, but what I will do is extend an invitation to you. Walter Kirn is currently providing the world with a biweekly installment online novel for free. Will you read Walter Kirn's The Unbinding twice a week and then tell me what you think? Will you?

DISCLAIMER: I am a sucker for coming of age/adolescent life books, movies, and even music. We need not theorize as to why I am so interested in this genre, that could get ugly and embarrassing for the both of us. So back to being a sucker... the problem with being a sucker for anything is that you become a poor judge of quality. I want to think that I can enjoy something and still be a decent judge of quality so I need your help. Please accept my invitation above.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

PHD Lifestyle

GO GATORS!!! It's great to be a FLORIDA GATOR! What a great day it was. They came in and took care of business. They played like dogs. Brought out their PHD style of play. Poor, hungry, and driven. Joakim even looks like a poor, hungry, and driven Jesus Lizard (credit due- bshiz). Speaking of PHD, shouldn't we all live that lifestyle a little more? I really should start to live like I am poor, hungry, and driven to fulfill those basic life needs. There is one problem though, I am wealthy, well-fed, and there is no drive to fulfill basic life needs because I, quite honestly, have arrived. I have no need for this so called dog-like, hunter gatherer lifestyle. It would be dishonest of me to live a PHD lifestyle. GO GATORS!!!

Dear UF Gators,

Do not let the fact that nobody watched the game get you down. Let us be honest with one another, you made UCLA look like a junior high school girl's mathletes team, it just was not that exciting to watch. Unless of course you are watching your lifetime lover (and friend... you know ursher, john, and luda had to do it again) win their first tournament, which I was, in which case it was a terrific display of manliness and athleticism. I will be dreaming of you tonight and doing the GATOR CHOMP. I love you.


bean jah