Saturday, May 26, 2007

Explanation of the Edgell Numbering Scheme and piracy isn't all fun and adventure

Q: Why do The Edgell Supporters use such an oddly fantastic match numbering system? (Pheidippides, Greece)

A: Dear Feety Peedies, thanks for your interest and loyal readership. The Edgell Supporters number the matches based on our MLS DC United experience. This is our second season of support so all the matches for this season will be prefaced with a 2, next season with a 3, and so on until the end of time. The second number is not nearly as exciting as it is merely the sequential order of regular season MLS matches. Again, thanks for the question and please encourage your other friends to criticize and comment as they please.

Due to a recent shortage of rocket sauce within the DC United realm we have done a little research as to what might be causing the problem. Luckily one of our dear friends is already on the case and has issued the following public service announcement.

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