Saturday, May 26, 2007

Match 2.7 The Result: DCU v Dynamo Houston 5-26-07

United 2 Dynamo 1

Another win, the unbeaten streak is extended to four. The bad things about actually going to the game are that a) I can't see which player is doing what (mostly because I need to get new glasses) and b) I get so busy hating the refs for no real reason that all objectivity is lost. On to the one sided review. Gomito is back. He controlled the middle of the pitch and our wing play bought him more space to work with. His set piece goal in the fourth minute was important for his confidence and his assist to Benny sealed the Gomez revival. Houston looked unorganized and frustrated evidenced by their bad passes and molestation of our strikers. Ching could not hit a quality header to save his life. Houston played their usual game and controlled most of the second half. Perkins' PK denial was almost as amazing as his goal post kicking celebration. DeRo was frustrated most of the game (I think he was carded for dissent perhaps it was for whining) and only scored because Fred and Gros jumped past him in some sort of synchronized gymnastic display. All in all not a bad performance by United, now if we can just string together two good halves in one game.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.7:
1. The passion was definitely there in the first half. You would think after leading by the most dangerous spread in soccer (2-0) they would step up the pressure in the second half but we almost let Houston back into the game.
2. Benny got a goal and guess what... IT WAS IN THE RUN OF PLAY!!! AMAZING!
3. My voice was damaged by the celebration of the first goal but it was destroyed by booing for the no call on Kpene in the box.
4. Erpen did not get a goal but he did get a bicycle which almost cost us a penalty. Way to go Facundo. He actually had a very good match and cleared the ball very well. I love you Facundo.

Pictures from the match still to come including a Moreno spotting.

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