Thursday, May 24, 2007

Match 2.7 The Setup: DCU v Dynamo Houston 5-26-07 or The Clash of the Teams That Played in CONCACAF and Could Not Get Their Act Together

I am by no means a euro soccer snob, in fact I follow the MLS much closer than I follow any other league but the MLS names need some work. In my effort to change some of the names you will see that the Houston Dynamo is listed as Dynamo Houston in the title above. All I want are some small simple changes like SC's instead of FC's and some city names before the mascots or whatever you call them. Red Bull New York sounds much better than New York Red Bulls (that is if it were possible for their name to sound "good"). Anyway, back to the matter at hand the clash of CONCACAF qualifiers... the two best teams in the MLS last season. On to the preview:

Dwayne De Rosario got a haircut. I was never a big fan of the braids. He kind of looked like Alicia Keys with a beard.
In other DeRo news, I have him on my MFLS team and all he does is give me negative points. (editor's note: the author has since transferred DeRo for Onstad) Having watched several Houston games, including the game last Saturday against the Revolution, I have come to the conclusion that they are DC United without the PKs and set piece goals. They usually control the game and have a few good chances, but they can't put anything in the net. Much like United they give up goals in the run of play and just can't get dangerous enough to get any points. Let's hope that they continue with this trend on Saturday. United is looking to continue their 3 game unbeaten streak but this time without MLS record tier Jaime Moreno. I would classify myself as a Moreno naysayer but I think we will miss him more than I want us to this week. The only lineup change I see is Kpene or Addlery starting for Moreno both of which can bring the rocket sauce to a struggling Houston team.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.7:
1. Soehn sufficiently scared the starters a few weeks ago so they will still play with passion (Brian Carroll that means you, Moreno is off the hook this week).
2. We learn how to score in the run of play and subsequently apply said learning on the pitch this Saturday.
3. I don't lose my voice from yelling at the refs but from celebrating our multiple goals.
4. Erpen scores from distance.


Ben said...

Ha ha, I gave up on DeRo ages ago. Then 2 weeks later he had his one good game of the year. I contemplated re-adding him for about 2 seconds before deciding I was better off without him on my team. And he has been worthless ever since. :)

Il Duce said...

can i add

5. deroux scores


6. he and addlery to a choreographed dance after the goal

to the wish list?

edgell supporter said...

consider deroux and addlery added to the list. erpen must always come first though.