Friday, May 18, 2007

Wax On, Namoff

DCenters recognized the omission of Bryan Namoff's name from the all-star ballot and subsequently called for an arts and crafts campaign to add his name. Soccer Insider notified the authorities and got Bryan's name on the all-star ballot. I am disappointed that I did not get to exercise my artistic abilities on Bryan's behalf but I would still like to honor him today.
This is the second season that I have been a DC United fan and it also marks the second season that I have been worried about DC United's wing play (until very recently with Fred on the outside). The only bright spot that I have seen in the last two seasons on the wing has come from the back when Bryan Namoff ventures across midfield. He is fast out on the flank and I dare say even creative. Maybe creative is going a bit far but his play is definitely unexpected, which for the time being passes as creative for DC United. One of my chief complaints with the MLS since I started watching last year is the lack of quality crosses. The complaining turns into frustration when it comes to DC United. On a team that can rarely put a good ball across the box Namoff has definitely been a ray of hope. Since Soehn made the decision to go to a four man back I have been excited to see what new freedom this will give Namoff to push up and show us what he's got. Bryan, show us how creative you can be and punish those Canadian upstarts tomorrow.

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