Sunday, May 20, 2007

Match 2.6 The Result: DCU v TFC 5-19-07

A win is a win. The first half was usual 2007 United play, we control the ball, never look dangerous, and we give up a goal because we don't clear the ball. Namoff as usual was great on defense and creative on offense. The second half was a bit of a different story. We started to look dangerous and take control of the game. Kpene is dangerous, every time he touches the ball it looks as though he might score or create for someone else to score. Moreno has shown that he should come into the game after the 60th because that is when he likes to actually start playing. He even played impressive defense late in the game and made an effort at 50/50 balls. This game still left me wondering if we will ever learn how to score in the run of play.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.6

1. Erpen almost got himself double-yellowed out of the game while still managing to get a bicycle kick in.

2. Gomez had a genuine smile on his face at one point during the game. The assumption is that his lover at least texted him some time during the last two weeks.

3. Emilio gets more phantom fouls called against him than any other player I have seen. Maybe the refs just don't like his taste in music.

4. Abuelito Moreno started playing at about the 60th which I guess is about the same as coming in the game at that time. Congratulations on the goal and tying the record. Now you should do the right thing and tell Soehn to start Kpene over you.