Thursday, May 17, 2007

Match 2.6 The Setup: DCU v TFC 5-19-07 or Fried Chicken Battle Royale


I am trying to get past the fact that every time I hear or see "TFC" I think of KFC which makes me think of a friend of mine that loves fried chicken although he prefers Popeye's. With the whole fried chicken relationship skewing my view of the team from our friendly neighbor to the north, I had a hard time taking them seriously. In my head 11 Colonel Sanders in the TFC kit looked pretty ridiculous. Last weekend my ridicule turned to jealousy as I saw the Frisbee/seat cushions litter the stadium. It was like a real soccer atmosphere in a real soccer stadium. Then TFC picked up their second win beating Houston last night leaving the Black and Red alone in the Eastern Conference basement. The ridicule and jealousy has now turned into a slight irritation.

I am pulling for Toronto this season but obviously not this week. My Popeye's loving friend is a DCU supporter so this week it will be Popeye's United v Toronto Fried Chicken.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.6
1. Erpen scores from distance
2. Gomito's lover comes back to him and cures what ever is ailing him
3. Emilio gets back on his scoring track
4. Abuelito Moreno does not come in until the 60th

In an effort to increase love in the universe here is what I like about TFC:

Danny "Mike Tyson" Dichio just looks like a bad mother and from what I have seen he plays like one too. I love hustlers.

Esky we hardly knew ye and thus far we still love you. I want to see you score and score a lot, just not this week, ok?

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