Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Guilty Pleasures 2.1 or my ESPN does not work, give me a break!

when i have extra time in the morning my wife and i usually watch sportscenter on ESPN. we like to catch scott van pelt dropping tenacious d references or the dry wit of neil everett (these two are by far our favorite anchor team). on this particular morning i had about 20 minutes before i had to get ready for work. i turned on the tv and dialed up ESPN to watch sportscenter. it turns out that COX, our ever-reliable cable provider, would not grace us with ESPN this morning. it was not simply a blank screen but it gave us the "you have not bought this channel, call us at 1-800-COX to order ESPN" message. on a separate note, COX has been turning off our cable box at random times to keep things exciting. this is a special service you can get FOR FREE, but only from COX. it gets really fun and crazy when you are trying to watch a DCU v. Chicago Fire game and the cable box goes out right before your team gets scored on. anyway, COX is not a guilty pleasure it is merely guilty.

so ESPN was not working and i needed to watch something for the next 20 minutes. i flipped through the channels and found what i was looking for.

it brought back (full disclosure: i freudian slipped the first time i typed this and wrote 'broke back' instead of 'brought back' by mistake, oops) a lot of good memories. early 90's fashion was so awesome. i think that i will start wearing my suit jacket with the sleeves rolled up. i love suits, but now i can really tailor them to fit my fashion sense.

i sure hope that zack and kelly end up together. in the episode this morning they decided to date other people. what that really meant was that zack was trying to get with the new nurse, but then she tricked him into wanting kelly back. but it was too late, damn that melvin nerdly!

who knew that a true friend would have told AC Slater when he was really not that great on KATY, Bayside High School's radio station, instead of letting him read it in the school paper? i was not able to finish the second episode that came on, but i sure hope that they can save the Max from being turned into a parking lot.

if, and only if, your ESPN is not working check out TBS in the morning.


shaniqua said...

when i worked at the capitol, on our many...many breaks through out the day, whenever saved by the bell was scheduled to be on, thats what we had on the tv in the break room. we all sat around together watching an hour of the zack/slater/kelly drama. and even when i was alone in the break room, i'll admit that was my show of choice. AND, a couple mornings ago, i turned my tv on to watch good morning america while getting ready, and it was on saved by the bell. i was tempted to not change the channel.

shaniqua said...

p.s. apparently you can catch a modern day slater on dancing with the stars.

Dottie said...

totally one of those shows you'll never get tired of... and common?! where's the screech love?!

Il Duce said...

its amazing that saved by the bell is so incredibly good that they are still re-running it all the time. that just shows you the quality of the writers, directors and actors. there will probably never be another show that means so much to me.

shaniqua said...

post...or drastic measures will have to be taken.

Some Postman said...

Off topic, but congrats to you and your boys from the swamp. You must be a proud daddy today. (ps-"i'm seriously" (thanks, cartman), but i really did know the gators were going to win. I just had a feeling)