Thursday, September 07, 2006

Real Suck Lake's Jeff Cunningham

as the DC United v. Real Salt Lake game approaches, i thought it appropriate to spotlight one of the bad guys. as if we needed any more fuel, this should add a little more to saturday's fire (no not chicago's fire, let's not speak of them right now).

Dear MLS and American sports fans,
"I have no problems with anything that's been said of me. It's been said all my career. I think people fancy me. They can't figure me out. I'm an attractive guy. I make good money and I score goals. I'm the kind of guy I believe people love. And, at the same time, they can't figure out why they love me so much, so they decide to hate me." (rest of the article, read up Ackerman)
Delusionaly yours,
it is almost as if Jeff thinks there are not enough T.O.s in American futbol. i do not know about you guys but the reason i hate him is because i loved him too much and i could not for the life of me figure out why.

(thanks to kali for bringing this to my attention and i hope you will not be too humiliated by losing to our reserve team on saturday).


Some Postman said...

ha ha ha...I had already read that article actually. I'm not a big Cunningham fan anyway. Maybe if dude would pass the ball once in a while, but for now he is as aggravating as he is helpful. In fact, that's what the story was the other day about him storming off the field (what your article is following up on). He was said to be stomping off the field muttering about how his teammates thought he "didn't pass." Now everyone denies that that event happened, but I tend to believe it did and RSL is just trying to downplay it. The thing about Jeff is that he really has the ability and speed to be a solid national team player (and probably do well in Europe), but he is VERY full of himself (see your post above) and therefore plays very selfish ball at many junctures. If he would learn how/when to pass and to play on a team, he'd be a lot higher in the soccer world than Salt Lake City. I do appreciate all the goals this year, and is an upgrade over Mathis, who seems to have given up on playing good soccer, but in all honesty, I wish it was Kreis scoring all these goals, not Jeff.

Il Duce said...

lets think about this for a minute. first sentence i'm going to pounce on: 'would probably do well in europe.' who gives a rats ass? he plays in the US. nobody in europe wants him. he is not a superstar, as much as he likes to think he is. US players are severely undervalued in europe anyway. and he is not doing US football or himself any favors by acting like he deserves something better.

second. must we call him jeff?

third. the most important things that US football lacks are good passing and team play. i think DC United is a good example of a team that has put together a group of fairly average players who know how to do those 2 things and therefore, are dominating the league this season.