Friday, October 31, 2003

Play that Dead Band's Song

Do you ever wake up in the morning and ask yourself "what happened to rock and roll"?? Well to be quite honest I rarely ask myself that question because I don't know what rock and roll is. In the past I have even been told that what I might call rock and roll is soft rock, even adult contemporary (nothing quite conjures the image of John Tesh as quickly as the mention of that genre)... OFFENSIVE! yeah I know, but the fact that I thought that was funny proves I am no rocker. My point here is this: if you do ask yourself where the good rock and roll is, I have the answer. Three simple words DRIVE BY TRUCKERS. I ventured to see them for a third time last night. It was worth the drive to Baltimore several times over. They rocked and thrashed about for nearly 3 energetic hours. Those good ol boys from Alabama took my hearing from me. If you love the south, the truth, and ass shakin rock n roll you've found your salvation. I know I've found mine.

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