Friday, October 24, 2003

Cave Troll

Bobby Steels rolling through the office all nonchalant, minding his own business. Now, in order to understand the gravity of this incident you must be introduced to the Mighty's Cave Troll. A large man, an old man, a grievously fat man. As is the case with many larger men, he enlists the support of suspenders to hold up his cloth coverings, also known as "pants". He is somewhat awkward in his relations with coworkers. He mumbles and roars like a cave troll would. He also has been known to abuse Bobby by asking him questions that nobody has the answers to and assigning him tasks that are not in his field of expertise. Back to Bobby rolling through the halls... the cave troll runs into an unexpected turn of events. Under the strain of his mass, his suspenders pop off of his pants and they go plunging to the floor. With one burly arm he reaches back to pull his trousers into a non threatening position, but now what? He is much too rotund to use the other arm to latch the suspender back on. Unsuspecting Mr. Steeles himself comes into the picture and lo and behold the cave troll pleads with him to latch the suspender back onto his pants. Not only does Bobby have to endure the unsightly horror of the cave troll on edge of losing his pants at any second, he also has been asked to participate in an action that would involve touching the creature's body. God bless his soul, Bobby takes action... he respectfully grabs the fastener and quickly latches it securely to the beasts panty line. Afterwards Bobby was seen nursing his hand back to health from the severe burns that were suffered due to the acidic nature of the troll's skin and nether regions. (TRUE STORY: names have been changed to protect the guilty)

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