Tuesday, October 21, 2003


In my monthly tradition I come to you again. You being my people. You meaning those of you that could be anywhere in the world at this moment but you have chosen to be here with me. I promise it will be worth your while. I have engaged in verbal warfare in this last month on a number of occasions. Usually with the age old opponent, Ghandi X aka Candlestick. Sometimes I wonder if SS is truly the enlightened path. There are several active participants in the SS movement that make me wonder if Lucifer himself is not at the helm. A continuous perpetuator of SS, Ludacris, has put out another ENTIRE album of SS sometimes only with the one S. This man is foolish. He looks goofy, he raps about the stupidest things, and did I mention... He looks like martin Lawrence had a baby with a puppy panda. I mean I don't meant to hate, but the man is selling albums rapping about midgets and chicken and "dirty" dancing. SS is supposed to make the world a better place... Where have I gone wrong?

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