Friday, December 12, 2003

Giant Insects and the Mini Zoo

there are two things that need to be changed in this world in order to bring humans together. number one: insects should be HUGE, slightly larger than humans even. of course we would need to reduce the overall quantity of these creatures, but we definitely need to make them larger and more fierce. this would eliminate wars consisting of humans vs. humans. we would be too busy defending ourselves from the giant insects. i fully support a plea for world peace, but i'm more interested in the unification of the human species. number two: we should have mini zoos, someone (preferably the japanese) should develop a way of breeding mini animals or just go ahead and invent a machine that can reduce the size of our current wildlife. in a shoe box you could have elephants, lions, zebras, several species of monkeys, and any number of rodents. the idea is this, once everyone owns there own zoo they will be completely and utterly content. could anyone wish for more than their very own zoo? i know i can't. furthermore, individuals all over the planet could begin to communicate and trade their animals. it would open up the communication lines all over the world, thus bringing us into one harmonious fold. of course all the while we would be defending ourselves against yao ming sized roaches, give a little to get a little... know what i'm sayin!

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