Wednesday, December 03, 2003

"I know that. I do know that."

NPR ran a really good STORY yesterday on Navoo and the history of the Mormons. I found the story to be well balanced and fair. There was even a call out (See Below) of one of the non-Mormons featured in the story.

In reference to the increasing Mormon population (over 40% of the total population) in Navoo. A former city council member (Joan Craft) had the following to say:
Joan Craft: You know the neighborhoods are filling up more and more with mormons and I look for the [city] council to be predominantly Mormon at some point. I just believe that there is a plan and I don't believe the local people are part of that plan.
Reporter: You know if you substituted another group for Mormon and you were saying some of these things people would accuse you of being a bigot.
Joan: I know that. I do know that. But I just think, I don't know, they are smiling at us like, you know, "we're gonna have this some day and you aren't... the only history we care about is ours,"and that's the bottom line.

It's amazing to me that so many groups are so well protected yet the Mormons still can't get respect. It has become OK to have blanket negative feelings towards the Mormons. And as shown above, people seem to be ok with bigotry towards them. Thanks to the Provo Daily Herald in Utah we have a good ILLUSTRATION of the problem. Please take time to read the article AND CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS... you will be amazed at the hatred and ignorance. And please tell me, how long do we turn the other cheek?

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