Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Return of the Cave Troll?

submitted by Dr. Bobby Steels

To all who care to Listen....

....So I'm sitting at my desk working happily and I feel pressure....oh the pressure. It's time for the toilet.

I walk in the stall, expose myself, and sit. Literally one second later another man, I suspect, walks in and sits as well. I'm pushing (not too hard though, I like to enjoy my stay with Papasquat Peenchalov)...and the man next to me starts letting it fly, I mean the sounds I heard were almost...no, no...they were disturbing.

I was thinking "very impressive" but I didn't feel the need to indulge so close to the source. Now I'm trying to speed things up so I could get far away and then...I heard whispering.

I thought the guy maybe needed help and was struggling so that a man voice was no longer enabled. I listened intently for signs of life, while fearing inside that I might have to help a man exposed, stinky, and on a toilet. Without delay the man explodes once more. "He's alive!", I thought, but is he well? (I was frightened for I did not feel the need to help a man while he is on the toilet)

I'm still trying to wrap things up in a hurry and the thought crossed my mind, "I wonder who that is". First answer that came to mind, due to the nature of this man's amplitude and our past history, was CAVE TROLL. I thought "Oh No!", had the cave troll decided my mind was not scarred enough? Had he decided to take it one step further (if that is even possible)? Had fate damned me once more? I had hoped not. I refuse to be indirectly molested ever again.

Then I heard a loud whisper, I couldn't quite make out the words because it was more of a mumble, followed by a short "hahaha". So then I thought "cave troll doesn't do that sort of thing". I'm thinking....and thinking (this thinking occurred very quickly mind you)........... Finally I thought... "it must be zzz zzz aka BITF?" Still frightened; I cleaned, dressed, washed, and scurried away.

Although I did not stay to find out I feel pretty strongly that the strange, struggling man was him aka BITF.
Can you think of any other man in our office with such a distinctive characteristic? I think not.
God bless that man's anus.

Thank You for listening,

Dr. Bobby Steels
P.S. This is a true story. And I hope there are no more of these to come.

*Dr. Steels appears courtesy of HAP

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