Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Marc Burch on Freddy Adu

Marc Burch, The Edgell Supporters current favorite DC United player, was interviewed yesterday morning on The Junkies (Washington D.C. morning radio show). Marc was quite candid on his thoughts about Freddy Adu.

On Freddy Adu (transcribed by Dirty Supporter):

Junkies (EB): Is everybody happy to be rid of Freddy, does anybody talk about Freddy these days?

Burch: We don't really talk about him, and a lot of people are happy to be rid of him. He's a little bit of a cancer in the locker room, we have good team chemistry right now, and I don't think anybody is really missin' him. I don't really care too much about Freddy so...

Junkies (EB): Did you think he was a dick, you never really played with him though right?

Burch: I think his ego is a little bit bigger than he is, he's 5'1" and his ego makes him 7 feet all.

Junkies (EB): Did other guys on the team agree with you, without callin' them out?

Burch: You're friends with your teammates, but it gets to you eventually, people like that, sometimes you can't stand them.

Junkies (Cakes): You're basically saying he's just a diva, who's had everything handed to him by the MLS, and he's not nearly up to the level of his press clippings?

Burch: He's as good as he can be, for his age.

Junkies (EB): Did guys on the team believe his advertised age?

Burch: Uhhh, no comment on that one.

End of transcription. Complete interview audio is here.

We knew there was a reason we like Burchie so much. He also had some really funny things to say about Ben Olsen and Fred (or as the Junkies call him "Fred Nubbins"), the transcribing process is still going on for those quotes.

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Anonymous said...

Burch never played with Adu according to timelines. What right does he have to be saying the things he's saying? He's presenting hearsay as if he were there. When you said "candid" you should have said "made up".