Monday, October 01, 2007

Match 2.27 The Result: DCU v TFC 9-29-07


I brought a friend to this one and at halftime I was worried that between our lackluster play and seats behind the press boxes I might have brought him to the wrong game. United did decent with the pace and control of the game in the first half but we certainly were not making the most of our chances. Kpene still can't finish, though I still want to think there is something there because he puts himself in the right places. Troy got caught again on a keeper side free kick... that can't happen anymore.

Olsen and Moreno came in at half for Gros and Kpene. The difference that those two make on the field is unbelievable. The Supporters often talk about what will happen when they are gone, but we have yet to come up with any solutions. I hope we get a few years with them as super-subs when they can no longer go the full 90. Back to the game... with Olsen in, Fred goes to his more comfortable left flank and starts to inflict damage on Toronto. The equalizer comes in the 52nd on a back heel from Fred to Burch at the corner of the box and then Burch sends a laser in for his first goal. BURCH FROM DISTANCE! Then Fred takes his chance from nearly the same spot as Burch in the 57th and puts a beautiful shot past the keeper. And the goals continued with Jaime scoring in the 66th on a great ball from Clyde Simms and then Emilio finished us off in the 70th with an insane rebound left foot sky volley... whatever it was, it was amazing. 4 goals in 20 minutes to come from behind and win. So it turns out this was a good first time match. Hopefully we can bring them back again.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.27

1. We were the better team but we waited until the second half to show it.
2. Fred gets an assist and a goal and Emilio gets #20.
3. The infield was not gone yet, but we are getting close.
4. Burch from distance!!! Like a laser rocket.

HDNet, thanks for allowing us to have the highlights this time.


Diana said...

don't forget the full coverage of the chi-town trip.

RSL Ben said...

Didn't see it but it sounds like I missed an entertaining second half. Who scored for TFC? I didn't think anyone in the Great White North realized that was the object of the game...

Fullback said...

Looks to me like the highlights provided were ones that FSC put together, probably for half-time/full-time of the MLS match that they carried this weekend. So don't go thanking Mark Cuban and his evil HDNet minions for anything!

It does beg the question that if FSC can pull together highlights from an HDNet broadcast, why can't MLS's fantastic media support staff (tongue firmly in cheek)?