Friday, October 26, 2007

Slight, unimportant internets fallout from our Burch Transcription Services

The Offside Rules picked up on our Burchie transcription and it seems to have stirred some people up. For the record, we did not intend for a bus to pass over Marc's defenseless body, we just thought it was kind of funny. We'll take his left foot over Freddy's any day.

We continue in our undying love for you Marc... now shorten that service wind up and give Chicago the beat down they deserve next Thursday.

Maybe we need new calls for Burch from distance.


RSL Ben said...

The blacks going to be able to turn this around? You know Chicago will be in full bunker mode and Blanco will be at his flopping best. Predictions on game 2?

RSL Ben said...
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RSL Ben said...

Also, even if you read no other part of it, go by the Royal Review and read assclown of the match for the big RSL/Crapids game. I think you would approve.