Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Abuelito gets the call up and the Moreno Equation

Jaime Moreno has been called up for more Bolivian National Team duty. As much as I have complained about him in the last month, I am going to miss him. Last week he really showed us that he can trade in that wheelchair for a cane and go to work. It seems as though the first call up for the friendly with Ireland is what got him going so maybe this will further increase his brilliance. I have come up with a formula for Moreno's level of play in relation to international appearances in this campaign. Enjoy the mathematical display.

A= Jaime "Abuelito" Moreno - Default Value of 10 (the highest value a player being input into the Moreno Equation can achieve)
n= Number of international appearances - Each appearance value of 1 (friendlies 0.5)
x= Level of play

A * n = x

Previous to Ireland Friendly 10 * 0 = 0

That is a bit harsh, let's add another variable, penalty kicks. p= Penalty kicks

New Moreno equation (A * n )+ p= x

(10 * 0) + 3 = 3

That's about right. Now let's apply the equation to Jaime after the friendly in the LA Galaxy and RBNY games.

(10 * 1 ) + 3 = 13

Considering what we have learned thus far we can now project how Jaime's call up for the Copa America will affect his MLS performance. We can guarantee at least 3 games in group play and let's say, worst case scenario, he only plays in 2.

(10 * 3) + 3 = 33

Best case scenario, Bolivia wins it all and Moreno plays in all the games.

(10 * 7) + 3 = 73

I haven't exactly decided what the level of play scale is, but if a 13 gets him playing like he did against RBNY, 33 or 73 would blow our minds. Vamos Bolivia!

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