Thursday, June 28, 2007

Match 2.12 The Result: DCU v Colorado Rapids 6-28-07

Thursday night soccer is not going to be my friend through the next few months. I obviously had my priorities skewed when I signed up for a nonprofit and municipal accounting course on Thursday nights. Tonight was an especially bad night because of DVR space limitations. We had the DC game from 7-9, US game from 9-11 and then So You Think You Can Dance from 9-10 (I know, I know). It could have worked out perfectly except for the weather. SYTYCD took priority once the rain delay started. Luckily I got out of class early so I could convince my wife to switch to the game between commercials. Enough with the DVR household politics, we got the full three points.


The field looked awful tonight. We can't get our own stadium soon enough, I guess I will settle for getting the Nats out of RFK.

DC United got off to a slow yet not terrible start. In the first part of the game the back line was trying to send too many balls up the field and not building the attack through the midfield. We eventually warmed up to playing our game of control. Christian's PK solidified our existence and gave us the confidence to play for the win. At the 60th we really hit our stride. We were consistently dangerous from that point on. Goals from Addlery (off a corner), Fred (not sure how), and Emilio (great finish from a Gomez assist) secured the win in impressive fashion.

We definitely need more time working the reserves into the lineup. We beat a mediocre team. That is a heck of a lot better than losing to a really bad team. Good work boys.

A few notes on individual players:
Simms sent a lot of balls into the wrong direction or to the wrong team, although none particularly dangerous. I'll give him a pass on his "clearing the ball means blasting it as hard as possible" philosophy because he is building our depth at the back. Erpen's gaff was his "pedestrian" (according to Wynalda) moment as he played audience to Peterson's header. Perkins looked quite acrobatic in goal even on the one that went in. He had an outstanding game. Moose is a scrapper and a hustler, which equalized his giveaways. And how about that creative little chip to Emilio. Due to the rain delay and DVR complications I did not get to see Fred's goal but I am so happy that he got his first. Now he can get the second, third, fourth, etc.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.12

1. Simms, Moose, and Addlery were enough. I'm not prepared to call them sparks yet, but they were enough tonight.
2. The Rapids continue their struggle.
3. Gomez did alright. I particularly liked his effort coming back on defense.
4. If Erpen doesn't score from distance, nobody scores from distance... we just allow headers.

Quote of the game: "That's for me to know and for you to find out." -Tommy Smyth

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