Sunday, June 03, 2007

Soccer Saturday

Quite the busy soccer day yesterday.

11:30 AM - U14 PWSI Tidal Wave vs Fauquier County (Faquier County)

PWSI 6 Fauquier 0

We've got sunburns to prove we were there.
After chalking up 3 goals and an assist in the first half El Goleador rests in the shade.

1:45 PM - U18 PWSI Green Balls vs BRYC Good Team (Woodbridge)

We missed the first half but a sometimes Edgell Supporter associate is reported to have assisted on one of the two goals scored by PWSI. I also believe that the BRYC team was only playing with 7 players in order to make the game "competitive."

3:30 PM - Colorado Rapids vs TFC (MLS TV)
Colorado 1 TFC 2

Anytime the Rapids lose it is a good day. Unfortunately one of our least favorite MLSers (full list to come), Hercules Gomez, still scored.

5:30 PM - Brazil vs England (DVR fast forwarded)
Brazil 1 England 1


7:00 PM - West Virginia Chaos vs NOVA FC Royals (Robinson Field GMU)
WV Chaos 0 NOVA Royals 2

First off, thanks to Quarter Volley for making us aware of the games. We meant to get to the Freedom vs Majestics game at 5:00 but couch delivery delays prevented us from doing so. Does anybody know who won?

The Royals controlled the pace throughout the first half and went up 1-nil. Then they came out flat in the second half which led to several Chaos attempts on goal but nothing the Royals couldn't handle. After several substitutions were made the Royals got their second wind and were able to seal the deal with a second goal.
The game was exciting and eventful. After suffering a hard tackle in the first half a Chaos player left the field at half on a stretcher in an ambulance.

We hope he is ok and thank him for the excitement. There was also quite a bit of scrappy and physical play which is the way I like my soccer. We quite enjoyed ourselves and we will probably go again. Maybe by then we can settle on our favorite players and refer to them by their appropriate names, not just nicknames and numbers (way to go #15 Leroy Chimbonda, #9 Bambi on Ice 2, and #18!).
I'm not sure what we were expecting but the level of play impressed us and the fans amused us. Quote of the event from what I would describe as the most vocal Majestics/Royals supporter in attendance:
In some sort of UK accent (I'm terrible at discerning between the accents) and I assume commenting on the Washington Freedom's keeper ,"Did anyone do a set test on that girl? Their keeper looked like Lurch from the Adam's Family."
Set test- (noun) a test performed to determine the gender of an individual by checking for male genitalia (at least that is what I gathered from context clues).
I almost forgot that we (when I say we I mean Dirty) finally got something that was thrown/kicked into the stands. Although it may have belonged to another spectator we (again it had nothing to do with me, it was Dirty) wrestled it away from them. We (and I do mean we, as much as I scream and wave my arms) never get that stuff at the United games. We like you Royals.
10:30 PM - DCU vs LAG (FSC)


dirty d/wifey/diana banana said...

i don't know if i quite "wrestled" anyone, but i did cut off the angle.

p.s. i swear he said sex test, not set. oh well, still funny!

I-66 said...

4-1 Freedom.

Annie Lowry for the Majestics and Ali Andrzjewski, Kele Golebiowski, Rebecca Moros, and Kelly Hammond for the Freedom.