Sunday, June 10, 2007

Match 2.9 The Result: DCU v Red Bull New York 6-10-07 or the Atlantic Cup Leg 1


My MFLS sacrifices have paid off (let it be known that I got rid of JP Angel and acquired Ben Olsen last Wednesday) and the soccer gods have answered my prayers. The previously impotent DC United offense made the New York defense conceive their babies today, which by my count makes Ben Olsen the proud father of triplets. Congratulations!!! My concerns about the strength of the New York defense were unfounded (must just be Chicago's low sperm count). DC United came out in form, playing strong on the wings and taking the danger out of the RBNY attack.

The most notable statistic of the game is that every one of the four goals were double assisted. That's teamwork. That's an organized attack. Except for the after goal breakdowns the defense looked strong even after losing Boswell to the double yellow. We beat the best team in the MLS and we made it look easy.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.9

1. Count em' up! That's 1, 2, 3 points
2. It wasn't necessarily stupid mistakes that gave up the goals, it was more the after goal mental lapses. Who can blame the entire team from going into paralysis after Ben Olsen scores a freaking hat trick?!
3. Luci got his much needed goal and looked dangerous on several occasions, beware future opponents.
4. Erpen did not score from distance, but he definitely played a major role in keeping JP Angel in check.

Dear Facu,

Great job out there today. Keep at it and the 30 yard bomb will come. You are still our favorite.


The Edgell Supporters

P.S. MLSnet credits you with a double/second assist or whatever you call that statistic. Way to go!

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