Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why do I have to be so loyal? (MFLS Update Week 9)

My only experience in fantasy sports is with the NCAA Basketball Tournament, if that even counts as fantasy sports. I usually compete quite well for last place in the bracket pools because I always pick my favorite teams to win. I can't pick a team that I don't like or pick against a team I do like. This is one of the many reasons I don't gamble. It is so important to me that all faith be placed in the team I want to win. I don't want to show the sports gods that I am not fully committed to supporting my team. The happy ending to this story is that after years of picking the University of Florida they pull off two championships in a row and I destroy everyone in my brackets.

The MFLS is my first actual experience with fantasy sports. At first I tried to pick good players, paid attention every week and put forth my best effort to win our division (, I hope Bobby doesn't mind). But after 3 weeks I was down at least 75 points and second from the bottom of the table. Then I tried to get the latest, hottest players. I hit rock bottom when I bought JP Angel and I actually earned a bunch of points. I felt sinful and dirty inside. Something had to change.

This week I decided to only have players on my team that I like. That excludes all NE Revolution players and most of the other really good players in the league. At least now I can accumulate good karma and maybe the gods will look favorably upon me and my team. It is the least I can do to help DC United win, especially this week as we face the evil Red Bulls from New Jersey. Go Scorpions!

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Some Postman said...

I was beginning to wonder if you even checked on the Scorpions any more these days... He may make you feel dirty, but you might want to get Angel back, he's tearing it up.