Friday, June 15, 2007

Match 2.10 The Setup: DCU v Chicago Fire 6-16-07

I need to come clean before I get into the setup. I won't be at the game. I will be at a ballet recital for my 4 year old niece. To make matters worse, this is one of those exclusive HDNet games. This situation brings a three-fold challenge to the supporters, we will have to find someone that (a) has HD (b) has HDNet and (c) has a DVR, and I guess (d) will allow us to utilize all of the above. If all of the conditions cannot be met, the results post will be brief.

It has almost been a year since DC United has beaten Chicago even though we played them 5 times last year (including the Open Cup). On aggregate we lost 8 to 4 last year. Last year I felt like they owned us and it was a dirty feeling. Because I am a newbie I did some research all the way back to the ancient time of 2005 BEE (before edgell era) to see if they have always owned us. In 2005 we fared about even until the playoffs when they blanked us 4-nil in the second leg of the conference semifinals. Nauseating. Now I wish I would not have done that research.

Chicago is currently struggling, to put it mildly. They have lost five of their last seven with their win and tie coming against Columbus and RSL (the bottoms of their respective tables). DC is arguably coming off their best win in the last year and still riding their unbeaten streak. Moreno is on Bolivian duty and Boswell is on red card duty.

Who replaces Moreno? or rather who starts in his position? (there is no replacement quite yet)

Is Kpene healthy enough to start? or do we see Addlery up top? Maybe we see Dyachenko return to his striker position of last year.

How does the defense line up without Boswell?

Do we return to the Simms experiment? Not if Namoff plays on the left we don't. Does McTavish get another shot at playing with the back line and we see Erpen and Namoff in the middle?

There are a couple lineup questions but the real question is, can we get Chicago off our back? Can we come out to play through the rough fouls (yes CJ I'm talking about you) and the questionable calls?

I say yes. I say, this year is the year we will pull our pants back up, turn around and let Chicago know who is in charge. I also say good luck Chicago, because while you are busy clogging the middle and manhandling Christian Gomez, Benny the Goal Machine and Fred the Fire Starter will be flying like pixies on the wings, sprinkling goal dust on the rest of the United squad. See if you can stop a couple of manly flying pixies! Doubtful.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.10

1. We kick Chicago while they are down and don't look back.
2. We show defensive depth and Boswell's replacement holds strong in the back.
3. Goal dust touches Fred and he scores his first.
4. Goal dust touches Erpen and he scores from distance.

P.S. Bobby, while you are sitting out your tarjeta roja, you might want to hit up your girl Nelly and ask her what's up with this.
P.P.S. An HDNet location has been secured with all the requisites.
P.P.P.S. hasn't (sadly, dirty d)

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