Sunday, June 24, 2007

Match 2.11 The Result: DCU v RSL 6-23-07 First Leg of the Ben Cup


All streaks must come to an end. Whether it be the RSL winless streak or the DCU unbeaten streak, they cannot go on forever. But did it have to happen like this?

There are only two explanations for this loss. One is that the pressure of the Ben Cup got to the team and they could not perform. The other is that somebody forgot to tell the team that this is the Ben Cup and this game does matter. We went in against the worst team in the MLS and got beaten soundly. We were not interested in playing.

Nolly didn't get help from the defense and the defense didn't get help from him. Gomez was invisible. The offense was not clicking in the final third and the defense was not clicking in their own third. We had some flashes of proper form in the middle third but never generated any chances. We didn't look dangerous and that is our biggest failing. When we don't look dangerous we lose. I really really hate to say this, but we lacked passion, intensity, any sort of positive motivation.

This is the Ben Cup guys! Luckily you have a second leg to make this better.

We are about to enter a stretch of games that will be much more difficult than this game (Colorado, KC, Houston, and Dallas). Our roster will be reduced by the U20 World Cup and Copa America. We are going to have to find depth and spark in new places.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.11

1. We are down one in the Ben Cup. We will have to perform much better in the return leg.
2. Kpene didn't start which I think is a mistake, however, this week he was NOT the replacement for Moreno.
3. RSL Ben got good seats and a great win for his birthday.
4. Erpen forgot to shave.

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I-66 said...

Dear Jay Nolly,

When attempting to make a save, please select either the left or the right as your direction in which to dive. Falling straight backwards will not accomplish anything.