Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Un-supported List, Part 1

As the designated "angry" supporter I have been asked to compile a list of our most disliked players. The more teams that United plays the more players will inevitably be added to the list but for now, here are the ol' faithfuls and a few reasons why.
Disclaimer: At this point, how good of a player you are matters far less than anything else (unless you score on us, at which point you're, assumed to be good, and almost gauranteed a spot).

Hercules Gomez- its hard to really know why you wish harm to someone when you get nauseous at the mention of his name

Landon Donovan- he's a nerd. i hear the nerd alert siren everytime i see him and his perfectly tucked in shirt. he could learn a thing or two from ben olsen on how to talk to other players too...not best to point your finger in someones face.

Taylor "Twinkie" Twellman- nicknamed Twinkie, by an occasional Edgell Supporter, in honor of his yellow cleats. his celebration after every single goal is really what has sealed it for me.

Pablo Mastroeni- he erks us. and again, he plays for the crapids.

Thierry Henry -ew

Clint Dempsey- don't try to be a rapper! who do you think you are, shaq?

And just for good measure I'll add our least favorite, by far, of the commentators - Max Bretos. his partner is nearly mute, so he talks like a fool and looks it too when he thinks he's not on camera. thank heavens for sunday games on telefutura.

This list is not nearly what it should be...who are we missing?

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