Sunday, June 03, 2007

Match 2.8 The Result: DCU v LAG 6-2-07


Two teams looking for a draw found one. Both teams seemed content to go through the motions and earn a point. We had some rough spots in the first few minutes of play, luckily LA could not capitalize on our breakdowns. D at DCenters described it best:
"Also fortunate for DC was the fact that Nate Jaqua couldn't finish a croissant if you took two bites out of it for him, or United would have been down 2-nil early."
As the Edgell Supporters sat in the Lorton headquarters watching the game we made several observations. First, as good as Namoff is on the right side of the field he is equally terrible on the left. Thankfully we dropped Gros back and sent Namoff to where he belongs. Second, Fred is always there. He is picking up balls when others are losing them, he is getting open to be an outlet and he is always hustling for the loose ball. And lastly, we want Erpen to be our Valentine.

I am disappointed that we could not finish off a team that started hurt and slowly died throughout the game. We could have easily dismantled them with constant pressure but all we could muster was 10-15 minutes of good form in the second half. Hopefully we were just looking past LA to next week and forgot to prepare for this game because we will need the two weeks of preparation against RBNY.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.8

1. We got the clean sheet. I think we should thank Nate Jaqua for that more than anyone, but at least it proves it can be done.

2. I am not sure you can say that we did anything to the Galaxy. We kind of left each other alone.

3. Moreno is amazing on the ball. His touch is always right and he finds open spaces. Can we find him some fitness?

4. Facundo had a header that went towards the goal, the Galaxy's goal not ours.

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Bob said...

"Moreno is amazing on the ball. His touch is always right and he finds open spaces. Can we find him some fitness?"

Maybe he can borrow some of Kpene's.