Monday, January 05, 2004

the dream is over

the year has ended, the year has begun. what was a life of dreaming and fantasy has now been replaced by a new life, the new era. i believe it's called dreams in action. it consists of actually working towards the dream as opposed to dreaming the dream. the dream has now become larger than life itself. i have spent a long time dreaming up this dream. the problem with only dreaming is the dream gets bigger and further away because it's never accompanied by action. now back on earth i look for the dream, it appears to be the moon or maybe another celestial body. a little more difficult than i thought it might be, but it's a lot easier getting there by traveling towards it rather than letting it get bigger and more distant. welcome to 2004 everyone. i hope we learn to love each other a little more, and hate a lot less. down with hate!

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