Tuesday, October 05, 2004

a story

Once upon a time there was a boy. He was part human, part robot, and part dinosaur. The dinosaur was a Hibernasaurus. The basic traits of this class of dinosaur are eating and sleeping during the colder months. The Hibernasaurus is one of the few dinosaurs left roaming the earth. As the colder months crept upon the boy, his dinosaur side came out in a ferocious display of hibernation, which in reality isn't very ferocious at all, but the opposite of ferocity. The dinosaur was getting his mildness on in a major way in the beginning of the 10th lunar month. As we all know robots are very violent and active creatures, so this exhibition of slothful activity made the robot very displeased with the dinosaur. The robot shot his rocket fists into the dinosaur. The dinosaur died. Then the boy turned into a humanbot or a humanoid because the dinosaur was no longer a part of him to keep the tenderness alive. The boy could no longer relate to humankind. And he was very angry.

Oh yeah. The boy also met a human girl who had a thing for humanoids and they fell in love and had baby robots. The End.

Author's Note: This very well could be an autobiography. COULD BE! I'm not saying it is.


Geo said...

Rocket Fists don't kill people, people kill people.

Anonymous said...

ok...there is something wrong with the girl for having a thing for humanoids. and since he was so angry...was he nice to the girl? because that would be sad if he wasn't.

Geo said...

I think that he was, because if they fell in love. It's kind of hard for me to fall in love with someone that's mean to me.