Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Translation of the last post "Jimmy or Warren" Pt. 1

I finished working last night at about 12:30 or 1 am. Then I thought it was necessary to post a blog. It was a lot of cut and paste without much explanation. Not to mention my level of coherence after 10pm is typically low. (You can imagine the quality of work my employer gets at those late hours) So I'm offering my readership a translation in a few bite size chunks.

On patience and farsightedness:
"Well, I think in any personal activity, business activity or certainly governmental activity, you know, there should be -you should be thinking plenty about what happens down the road."

We are currently in one of the largest economic crises the world has ever seen. A lot of the current problems are due to short-sightedness on the part of lenders, consumers, and the government. At this point there is not much we can do to influence what happens next, we can only prepare. We should be thinking of what happens down the road. We should be thinking about 5-10 years from now and where we want to be. What kind of humans do we want our children to be? What kind of humans do WE want to be? What kind of job do we want? What kind of financial security do we want? What kind of disasters do we want to be prepared for? What do we want to contribute to our neighbors and communities?

The ever eloquent Chris Jones wrote about this bailout business here. He has some fantastic thoughts on this whole financial crisis and what happens next. Pay special attention to point #8 and his ideas on preparation. 

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