Tuesday, June 07, 2005

slightly shifted

i woke up yesterday and everything had changed, not some great 180 degree turn but a slight shift. people at work showed up 21 minutes late. my boss called to say he was coming in late and i swear i heard video games in the background. he did not come into work until 1:43 PM. they are doing construction in my building so everything is still in the building but in a different location. as i have recently been married, new things are all over my living area. i share a bed with someone... every night. even my work area feels as though someone shifted everything slightly to the left. it seems as everyone has new feelings for or against other people as well. none of my relationships seem the same as they were last week. they've all shifted slightly for the better or for the worse. nothing is constant. these events would not even be worthy of publishing except for the fact that the same things happened today. who shows up 21 minutes late to work? 5 or 10 i can understand, i can even deal with 1 or 2 hours, but 21 minutes?! seems as though life itself is screwing with me.

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