Tuesday, June 07, 2005

some like it hot

every winter i trick myself into believing that i like warm weather better, but then god throws me a day like this. 200 degrees and it feels like 300, Celsius and Fahrenheit, what do i care. i really do like cold weather better. as a colleague of mine stated, at least in the winter you can put on more and more clothes until you obtain a satisfactory level of warmth, in the summer you can only get down to nothing, then you still die from the heat. the problem with winter is the sunlight. we have got to solve the problem of daylight during winter. i cannot do darkness, it eats at me. makes me nuts.

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shaniqua said...

i agree. all winter long i was hating how cold it was and couldnt wait for summer when it would be warm. and now i'm hating the heat, and we havent even gotten the worse. uggggh