Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dear Ackerman, Why was RSL able to beat DC United?

maybe it was because we were tired of winning, ever think of that? i mean come on, you can only dominate so long before it gets boring. or maybe it was because RSL plays on the WORST athletic field in the known universe. seriously it's barely astro turf, it is like the green stuff underneath the fruits and vegetables in the grocery store. how can any self respecting soccer team be expected to know how to play a game meant for grass on worn mormon church carpet? and seriously, how can you call a win from penalty shots a win? that's cheap and unmanly. bring something besides cunningham to the field next time and maybe we won't feel sorry for you and let you win on penalty kicks.

now, i hope you have noticed what we have been working on since we graciously allowed RSL to chalk up their 6th win on the season. we have been quite busy making ourselves a world soccer power. we made up 8 of the 18 member all star squad (including Facundo Erpen who at the last minute had to replace the sole RSL allstar eddie pope because he is old) that handed premiership champion chelsea a 1-0 defeat. we then went on to tie La Liga power Real Madrid, which took care of RSL with no problem. did you see the united play Real Madrid? in the first half we looked AMAZING!

anyway, that's why you were able to beat us. you will not be so lucky next time.

Until September 9th!

one more thing, how was rice eccles able to come up with real grass for the Real Madrid game? that is unacceptable.


Il Duce said...

lets focus more on the madrid games. i mean, dc shut down van nistelrooy, a man who madrid just paid upwards of 20mil for. he scored and had an assist vs salt lake. rsl played madrid like the jv high school team vs a pro team. they looked frustrated and were obviously not as good. dc kept up with them. dc passed well and had a briliant score along with some brilliant defensive plays. antonio cassano managed to land an absolutely gorgeous shot (i am a bit partial to cassano, as he got his start at as roma) but other than that, they were honestly thwarted. rsl does not deserve any credit for their win over dc. they do not deserve it and coem playoff time, that will be even more evident.

shaniqua said...

i'm not gonna pretend i know whats going on with all this stuff, because i dont follow it at all. but there were some funny parts that made me laugh.

Some Postman said...

Some thoughts:
1) A win is a win, no matter whether it comes from penalty kicks or not.
2)Regarding the All-Star team, the reason so many of the players were from United was not necesarily because they deserved to be there, but because their coach picked many of them for the squad. It was a good decision in that it allowed the team to play more as a unit (as they were used to playing with each other) but does not really prove anything about their talent.
3)On a side note, Eddie Pope did not deserve to be an all-star. He played the first half of the season very poorly, while obviously playing not to get hurt before the World Cup. Rookie Willis Forko has honestly played better in the back this season overall than Pope (that being said, Eddie has been redeeming himself as of late).
4) I was at the Madrid game and they did not take "care of RSL with no problem." RSL thoroughly outplayed Madrid for long stretched of the first half, should have scored a couple of times (if Cunningham would ever learn how/when to pass, he would be a nat'l team fixture), and went into halftime down a goal on a very iffy penalty kick call (which, to Il Duce, was Nistelrooy's goal). Madrid did dominate the 2nd half, however, mainly AFTER Atiba Harris was red carded. I don't think teams like Man U are even going to hang with Madrid for too long down a man. Especially when half the (madrid) team and a lot of their stars are completely fresh as they made about 5 subs at halftime, including guys like Beckham. Madrid definitely showed they were a better team in the 2nd half, no doubt (Robinho's goal was especially pretty when seen from the correct angle, plus he embarrased every RSL player in his way up the field), but don't make it sound like RSL didn't belong on the field with them (that last sentence is more for Duce than you, Brigham).
5) Trust me, if RSL played in the Eastern Conference they'd be a playoff team. There is one good team in the East: DC.
6) Rice-Eccles/RSL can get real grass for big events...there was also real grass installed for the USA v. Costa Rica match last year. Madrid WILL NOT play on turf and so to bring them to town RSL had to ablige. RSL's new stadium WILL be grass so that should make you happy. As for the turf, not really RSL's fault, ask the U. why they installed that surface. That is their football stadium after all.
And finally:
7) This, That, and the other.
In other words, Salt Lake 2 - DC 1. Thank you, drive through. See you suckas 9/9!

Il Duce said...

i will be at the game on 9/9. i will take pictures of the sad and humiliated faces of the rsl players as they walk off the field after an embarassing loss and post them here for all to see.