Thursday, August 03, 2006

free to a good home

frequently in my place of employment there are items placed on the table in the break room. these items are usually identified with a note indicating, "free to a good home." yesterday as i came into work i noticed there were new items on the table. it appeared as though someone brought in their old cds that they could not sell on or any other respectable website. my elitist streak defeated my curiosity as each time i passed the table i declined its open offer to take one of these albums and make it my own. what would i want in this pile of has been popular music? the stack of cds slowly disappeared throughout the day. by this morning there was only one album left. now i did not have to rummage through them, i could plainly see what i had been neglecting; the sign by ace of base. normally i would not have paid any attention to this particular album but today was different. last week was a nostalgia ridden, emotion filled week. i might have been driving in my car and a particular hit song from 1993 might have come on the radio. i might have turned up the volume and there is a slight chance that i sang along. i mean... come on...who wouldn't. after all, all that she wants is another baby, uh ah ah. so here i sit at my computer, right down the hall from this cd that i totally kind of want to listen to. it is FREE to a good home. i am positive i could provide acceptable accommodations for this swedish pop. on the other hand, there is no way that i could allow my associates to see me take an ace of base album. i really would like to listen to a couple songs on there though. is it really this hard? maybe if i can kind of hang around in the break room i will have a chance to quickly place it in my pocket. will a cd jewel case fit in my pocket? seriously, it is ACE OF BASE, i will NOT take it. the frustration! maybe my wife has the cd, i bet she does. how lame, who listens to ace of base?!

d, do you have that album? shhhh.. do not say a word to anyone about this.


diana banana said...

you KNOW I DO!!!! however, i'm afraid it might be in a box, in my closet, in my room, in my parents house, in utah. should i make that call? i think i shall.

shaniqua said...

#1 this posting probably falls in the top 5 beanjah postings of all time
#2 this posting also falls in the top 2 saddest beanjah postings of all time

Anonymous said...

i've actually got a copy of this album. just don't tell anyone.

Dottie said...

even worse is that I have the second album!


melanie said...

ben, I laughed out loud!