Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Beautiful Faces of Competition

Here we see Kobe imitating Beloki (last summer's greatest face of competition).

The original BelokiWitted. Such pain, such anguish. Notice the similarity to Kobe above.

The message they are trying to convey to the world, "Boom Baca, I got served."

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Anonymous said...

Kobe sucks and is extremely overrated. He is also a ball hog. Speaking of which, this one time I was at a pig roast and there was this guy. This guy was extremely drunk and telling everyone how well endowed he was. So I'm sitting there eating skittles and suddenly he just drops trow in the middle of this big party to show himself off. Then he proceeds to wave it around in everyone's face! It was crazy! So to make a long story short, skittles are good.