Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Its just knot write.

I like to spell phonetically sometimes. It doesn't make me spell poorly, I just spell the wrong words. Let's see what else... I went two the U-tang four a week. I encourage desert haters too go during the spring. The mountains are absolutely beautiful, like giant dumplings with perfect astro-turf spread across them, or like those model train set hills. like someone hand glued green trees and grass to every inch of them. I used to think Chipotle was the best Chipotle-like food ever, but after partaking of Cafe Rio, I think that Cafe Rio is the Chipotle Champion. Kinda odd how you can lose your own award. I also got really really sunburned. It's so fun to be bald and get a sunburn on your scalp. Then you peel it's like MASSIVE dandruff. I'm talking like quarter and half dollar sized pieces of leprosy head just falling off. Not necessarily socially acceptable, butt very fun.


Anonymous said...

i have to disagree. chipotle is, and will always be the best

fattucini said...

nope. i've tried both and cafe rio is better.