Monday, September 06, 2004

Ethereal Floating

Remember when I asked about the word euphoria the other day? Well I think I have found an answer. The word is ethereal. I often find myself in a state of etherealness. Floating and drifting.

"Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible. Of the celestial spheres; heavenly. Not of this world; spiritual."

Floating away from the earth's surface imposes a different set of rules or lack of rules on the floatee. One is no longer bound by society's definition of who one is or one ought to be. There is an overwhelming feeling of weakness, both physically and spiritually (composed of emotional, mental, and spiritual elements i.e. the soul) when confronted with the power of this realm. The difficulty lies in facing the earthly realm in which the physical body still resides while floating in this ethereal existence. The inability to meet the standards of the real world provides an environment of internal warfare. Here I am floating in this beautiful light blue crisp sky with out a care in the world, but the ugly ground keeps reaching up at me, attempting to remove me from the clouds. Unfortunately, because I have given up all defenses and weapons in order to feel the pleasant ethereal euphoria, I cannot keep myself from crashing back down to earth when its forces become too persistent.


shaniqua said...

confuse me?

Geo said...

Ethereal can also be used to describe what ghosts look like.

"The ethereal figure walked into the wall and vanished."
Can be said as:
"The slightly transparent figure walked through the wall in a puff of what appeared to be icy smoke."