Thursday, September 02, 2004


I'm looking for a word and I'm thinking that maybe some of you wordsmiths out there can give me a hand. A word that is similar to euphoria but with more floating involved. defines euphoria as "A feeling of great happiness or well-being." While that definitely describes the feeling I'm looking to express, I need something a little more... ummm... light, floating, and drifting. Any ideas? Imagine a perfectly light blue sky at the beginning of fall, and now you are floating through that sky at your command. It's not too cold, nor is it too hot, it's just right... OK! Now tell me what word describes this! Go!


Anonymous said...

i know it doesnt really fit, but i think of the word aloof. it just seems like such a...light, flowy word.
~sha sha

Geo said...

How does asomatous sound?
"I was in a state of asomatous euphoria."
Look up asomatous definition on google.